Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology (Deemed University) - Completed Sponsored Projects
Sr.No Name of the Funding Agency Name of the project Deptt. Principal Investigator Date of start
1 AICTE Reliability Analysis of Rc Beams Retrofitted using Bonded Laminates CED Maneek Kumar Mar-07
2 AICTE Perormance Analysis of Broadband ECED R.S.Kaler May-06
3 AICTE Ergonimic Analysis of Manual lifting tasks for calculating the maximum recommended weight limit foe specified two-handed,asymmetrical lifting task. MED Ajay Batish Apr-07
4 AICTE Photocatalytic treatment of Textile effluent CHED Haripada Bhunia Feb-07
5 CSIR Utilization of waste biomaterials for Removal of Heavy Metals from Industrial Effluents DBTES Dinesh Goyal Sep-05
6 CSIR Prepration & Characterisation of Nano Dispersed liquid crystal polymer composites materials SPMS K.K.Raina Jul-05
7 CSIR Development of High Performance Commercial Bearing Materials by Spray deposition technique SPMS O.P.Pandey Jun-06
8 CSIR Theoretical Study of Heavy-Lon-collisions Isospin Dependence of Nuclear Equation of state and Multifragmentation SPMS Suneel Kumar Jun-06
9 DBT Development of suitable probes for tracking the organisms released for biodegration of soil contaminated with chlorinated and nitro pesticides DBT-1 DBTES N.Tejo Parkash/ SKH Oct-01
10 DBT Charterziation of Moleculler analysis of sum PAH ( SKH DBT-2 ) DBTES N.Tejo Parkash Apr-03
11 DBT Rehabilitation of Bauxite residue sites using microbes ( DBT-2 ) DBTES M.S.Reddy Dec-04
12 DBT Anti microbial leads from Callistemon rigidus and its efficacy against standard drugs DBTES Sanjai Saxena Sep-04
13 DRDO Prepration & Characterisation of Electro ceramic-Polymer Nano-Composite Materials SPMS K.K.Raina Aug-05
14 DRDO Biodiesel Generation through wholecell catalyzed transesterification SCBC Ranjana Prakash Aug-07
15 DST Molecular identifcation and charaterization of genes implicated in limoni degradation DBTES Moushumi Ghosh Jan-04
16 DST Effect of Extended video stimulation on visual cognition an experimental development investigation SOM Santha Kumari Mar-04
17 DST Synthesis Characterization and application of chalcogenide nano Microstructures. SPMS N.K.Verma Jul-06
18 DST Development of sealant materials for solid oxide fuel cells. SPMS Kulvir Singh May-06
19 DST Some amide based ionophores as sensors for some transition metal ions SCBC Susheel Mittal Jan-07
20 MFPI Development fo a minimal processing technology for high quality edible mushrooms. DBTES Abhijit Ganguly DEC.08
21 UGC Special Assistance Programme MED T.P.Singh Nov-04
22 UGC Numerical Analysis of Structures and Oscillations of Rotating Stars SMCA Mahesh K.Sharma Sep-06
23 UGC Integrability and L1-convergence of trignometric series. SMCA S.S.Bhatia Apr-04