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The most exciting science in the 21st century is likely to evolve among, not within, traditional disciplines. Advances in basic biology at the molecular and cellular levels during recent decades have dramatically increased the foundational information available on mechanistic underpinnings of biological systems, where Biotechnology has begun to establish itself as an independent field and engineering discipline, at the boundary between biology and the physical sciences.
Department of Biotechnology and Environmental Sciences at Thapar University, was founded as departmental academic unit in the year 2002, with the mission of defining and establishing a new discipline fusing biotechnology with environmental engineering. The goal of this discipline is to advance fundamental understanding of how biological systems operate and to develop effective biology-based technologies for applications across a wide spectrum of societal needs through research and education. The innovative educational programmes reflect this emphasis on integrating life sciences with a quantitative, systems-oriented engineering analysis and synthesis approach, offering opportunities at the undergraduate level (B Tech) and at the graduate level (M Sc & M Tech) for the doctoral programme (Ph D). Further, the department recently initiated UGC approved advanced post-graduate diploma in Plant Transgenic Technologies (PGD) for post-graduates in life sciences as well as engineering graduates in biotechnology or applied biology.
The department is one of its kinds in the North India providing an excellent research environment and imparting quality education through its academic programmes. The department has faculties from diverse streams and specializations. Department is supported by state-of-art facilities available at TIFAC-Centre for Relevance and Excellence in Agro-Industrial Biotechnology (TIFAC-CORE) and Science and Technology Entrepreneurial Park (STEP-TU).

Department Highlights / Events / News
Organized Short Term Training Programme entitled “Modern Techniques in Biotechnology (Plant Tissue Culture &Plant Transgenic Technologies)" during Feb 11-16, 2013 for the faculty of Uttarakhand

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