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M.E. Software Engineering
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1 Amandeep Bakshi 801131001 Component based Software Developemnet Dr. Seema Bawa
2 Amandeep Singh Sidhu 801131002 VPS Hardening Dr. Neeraj Kumar
3 Amritpal Singh 801131004 A Novel Algorithm in Routing of VANETS Dr. Shalini Batra
4 Amritpal Singh 801131005 Implementation of Optimized RLC in JPEG Dr. V.P. Singh
5 Arvind Sharma 801131006 Comparative Analysis of AODV and DSR Protocol Dr. Neeraj Kumar
6 Avnish Thakur 801131007 Text Summarization Mr. Ravinder Kumar
7 Dhananjaya Gupt 801131008 Data Replication in Cloud Environment Mrs. Anju Bala
8 Desh Deepak Pathak 801131009 Hamilton Path based Tournamnet Design Mr. Ravinder Kumar
9 Harinder Singh 801131010 Implementation of Nlization for Punjabi language with EUGENE Dr. Parteek Bhatia
10 Ishdeep Singla 801131012 A Nobal Approach to Fingerprint Identification Er. Karun Verma
11 Jitendra Singh Khedar 801131013 Normalization of Regular Expression Mr. Ajay Kumar
12 Jagdeep Singh 801131014 Issue Tracking System using CBSE Dr. Shivani Goel
13 Kanika 801131015 An emerging approach on clone detection Mr. Rajkumar Tekchandani
14 Parikshit Joshi 801131016 Agile Model Mr. Ashish Aggarwal and Dr. Shivani goel
15 Parneet Kaur 801131017 Google Hacking Dr. V.P. Singh
16 Parul Oberoi 801131018 To Design and Implement geographically dispersed Network and Implement various Security Techniques Dr. Maninder Singh
17 Pankaj Vohra 801131019 Compository (The Component Repository) Ms. Ashima Singh
18 Rajinder Sandhu 801131020 An effective architecture for automated PAAS Management using virtual Appliance Dr. Inderveer Chana
19 Roopam Bamal 801131021 FIGO Accounting Software Dr. V.P. Singh
20 Rupinder Singh 801131022 Model Based Slicing Mr. Vinay Arora
21 Saurabh Kumar Jain 801131023 Tool for converting CFG into CNF Mr. Ajay Kumar
22 Sukhpal Singh 801131024 IOBS Smart Cloud Cost Estimator Dr. Inderveer Chana
23 Sandeep Singh 801131025 Online Movie Selling Dr. Shivani Goel
24 Tannu Singla 801131026 Mutation Testing Tool for Equivalent Mutants Mr. Ajay Kumar
25 Taranpreet kaur 801131027 Power-aware Virtual Machine Scheduling in Hetrogenous Virtualized Multicore System Dr. Inderveer Chana
26 Vaibhav Agarwal 801131028 Six Sigma Concept for Software Quality Dr. Parteek Bhatia
27 Trinetra Kumar Pathak 801131029 Stegnography - Hiding the Image or File Mr. Vinod K. Bhatia
28 Abhishek Singh 801131030 Body Area Network Dr. Anil K. Verma
29 Amrinder Preet Singh 801131031 Proposed a protocol for Road based Routing in VANETS Dr. Shalini Batra
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