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IBM India Limited – BangaloreThe MOU between IBM India Limited (IBM) and Thapar University were signed. The primary aim of this partnership is to aid Thapar University in establishing a high quality people repository in software technologies. This will help Thapar University in teaching and training their students on strategic technologies and to position them to support India’s Information Technology initiatives

As per the said MOU, there will be an opportunity to get the Institute recognized by the Industry and academic circles as one of the preferred locations for acquiring training and skills development in latest technology and software.

S.T. Micro ElectronicsThe MOU between S.T. Micro Electronics and Thapar University were signed. ST Micro Electronics is offering a free Electronic Design Automation (EDA) Software toolset known as “the GOSPL Platform” which is used for the design and development of Field Programmable Gate Arrays. GOSPL Web Portal Provides a scalable and reliable space on the internet for the GOSPL Community to use and share the development platform and safely work together.

Quark Benevolent Private Limited, MohaliThe MOU between Quark Benevolent Private Limited, Mohali (QB) and Thapar University were signed. The QB through this MOU wishes to initiate a Scholarship Programme for meritorious economically weak and physically challenged students pursuing studies in Computer Engineering and desires to award monetary assistance to such students in pursuance of its objective to participate in community building and help to deserving students. The Thapar University will extends assistance and cooperation to the Scholarship programme exclusively for the benefit of the meritorious economically weak undergraduate computer science engineering students of the Institute.

Infosys – BangaloreThe MOU between Infosys, Bangalore and Thapar University were signed for the purpose of enriching the technical education process and to jointly work for enhancing the quality of education imparted to students of all the engineering disciplines in the field of Information Technology (IT)

As a part of the program Infosys shall provide the University with the agreed upon incentives and materials, and the University shall use these as per Infosys guidelines. The University will have to bear all expenses such as providing infrastructure, network and internet access and other facilities required for the education and training. Infosys will also provide the partner with adequate publicity material such as handouts, information brochures and posters. The University shall return any returnable materials to Infosys on the termination or expiry of this MOU or when requested by Infosys.

Intel Technology India Pvt. Ltd., BangloreThe MOU between Intel Technology India Pvt. Ltd., Banglore and Thapar University were signed for Intel Internet Exchange Architecture (IXA) University Program.

Two main goals were established for this program: (i) To create a worldwide network of universities involved in research around Intel's Embedded IA family of processors and Intel® IA/IXA architecture in general.

(ii) To create Intel® learning laboratories in the best engineering universities around the world in order to give Computer Science and Electrical/Electronics Engineering students the opportunity to interact and learn how to program Intel's family of IA processors.

To date, the program has funded close to 100 universities in six continents around the world.

Initially, to start IXA research activities at Thapar University, Intel funded four-IXP1200 kits two each to Computer Science and Engineering Department and Electronic and Communication Engineering Department. Later on based upon Intel’s perception of Network Processors growing market, Computer Science and Engineering Department floated a course as an elective to ME students CT005 Network System Design which is currently being taught.

Based on continuous efforts and participation at various IXA events by CSED faculty and students, Intel funded two IXA 2400 kits to the department. Students pursuing Network System Design are utilizing these network processors for their lab work and furthermore one thesis based on IXA has been submitted and one research paper has been publish in a National Conference.

Under the ongoing Intel Higher Education Program, the Finals of Intel® IXA Student Contest 2005 was on 12-13th Sep 2005 at the Centre for Electronics & Design Technology (CEDT), Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and participating team from Thapar University (two students and one faculty member) scored fourth rank for their effort.

Ministry of Information Technology, New DelhiThe MOU is between Government of India, Department of Information Technology (DIT) and the Participating Institution i.e. Thapar University, Patiala for implementing the project on “Special Manpower Development for VLSI Design and Related Software SMDP-II”.

The project namely “Special Manpower Development for VLSI Design and Related Software SMDP-II” for training of quality manpower in the area of VLSI Design and Related Software has been initiated by the Department of Information Technology, Govt. of India in cooperation with MHRD, UGC and AICTE for an estimated amount of Rs. 4998 lakhs (four thousand nine hundred ninety eight lakhs only)

Techno Waxchem, KolkataThe MOU is between Techno Waxchem Pvt. Ltd. Kolkata (TWC) and Thapar University, Patiala for the purpose of technical collaboration related to development of the products and quality control.

This MoU is for collaboration between both parties, for providing expert guidance/ consultancy. Both parties shall take all reasonable steps to ensure the successful completion of the collaboration and co-operate with each other in carrying out the obligations agreed upon.

KRBL Limited, SangrurThe MOU is between K.B.R.L. Ltd. Sangrur and Thapar University, Patiala for the purpose of technical collaboration. K.B.R.L. Bhasaur (Dhuri), Distt. Sangrur (Punjab – 148024) with its registered office 5190, Lahori Gate, Delhi – 110 006 (India)

This MoU is for collaboration between both parties, for providing expert guidance/ consultancy for the specific project “Feasibility of Acetic acid recovery from effluents”.. Both parties shall take all reasonable steps to ensure the successful completion of the collaboration and co-operate with each other in carrying out the obligations agreed upon. The collaboration will be the joint venture of both the parties and shall not allow each party from having collaboration with others for this specific process undertaken, without prior permission of the other party in writing. However, Thapar University reserves the right to improvise on this process on their own.

CSIO, ChandigarhThis Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) is entered BETWEEN Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology, Patiala (hereinafter referred to as “Thapar University”) represented by the Director, Post Box No.32, Patiala : 147 004 AND Central Scientific Instruments Organisation, Chandigarh (hereinafter referred to as “CSIO”), a constitutent laboratory of Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR) represented by the Director having its office at Sector-30, Chandigarh : 160 030

To promote Academic and Research Co-operation between the two institutes. CSIO and Thapar University will undertake joint research work in the areas of mutual interest. The concerned scientists of CSIO and corresponding faculty members of Thapar University will formulate Research projects and HRD plans for joint work with due approval of both the participating institutions. Impart training to staff, students and technical personnel within the areas of co-operation. Joint Sponsored and Consultancy Projects could be undertaken, with both long term and short term goals, keeping in view the interests and philosophies of the respective institutions.
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