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The Thapar University is one of three organisations located in the 250 acre campus, known as Thapar Technology Campus (TTC), in the historic city of Patiala. It came into existence in 1956 through an imaginative collaboration between the then State of Patiala and East Punjab States Union (PEPSU), the Central Government and the Patiala Technical Education Trust (PTET) founded by the great captain of Indian Industry, the Late Lala Karam Chand Thapar. The goals of the university as embodied in the Trust Deed dated April 9, 1956 are truly remarkable for their scope and vision. It reads in clause 7 as follows:

“The trustees shall stand possessed of the Trust properties upon trust to apply the same or the income thereof in perpetuity for the establishment of an Institute under the name and style of Thapar University in Patiala for imparting education in graduate and post graduate programmes for Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Architectural, Textile and other courses herein referred to and the financial resources of the Trust permitting also for establishing schools or Institutes elsewhere as may be decided upon from time to time as also to promote research applied, industrial, technological and scientific as well as to undertake sponsored research from industries generally in the region so as to additionally accelerate its activities through promotion of research in various disciplines such as:

  1. improvement in efficiency of utilisation, distribution and generation of power so as to secure a well maintained power in the region besides development of new sources of energy which could be worthy of exploitation commercially
  2. to develop and to devise improved and new techniques in civil, mechanical and other lines of engineering with particular reference to requirements of small/cottage industries;
  3. to provide testing of construction materials and structures so as to develop/discover new adequate building materials with a view to achieve cost reduction, substitution of scarce materials and the like with special reference to low cost housing structures and cheaper industrial structures as also to develop new improved techniques and designs of residential and ware-housing accommodations;
  4. to explore and devise new techniques of manufacture and production of goods which may result in import substitution or otherwise result in substitution and conservation of foreign exchange or assist through better techniques in the utilisation or recycling of waste;
  5. to study the problems of pollution control so as to develop new or better techniques for its reduction and elimination in urban and semi-urban areas in the region; and
  6. generally to involve itself actively in the promotion of techno-scientific research in such fields as may be otherwise found useful from time to time for the social, techno-scientific, economic and industrial needs of the country.”
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