Extra curricular

Games and Sports

1.Games and Sports

The institute has several playgrounds and well-maintained athletic track to encourage the students to take part in different games such as Cricket, Hockey, Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Lawn Tennis and Badminton. The institute has also a Gymnasium-cum-Badminton Hall and a Swimming Pool Complex equipped with all modern facilities. The sports department organizes various sporting events like ‘Thaparlympics’, ‘URJA’ etc.

Email address: sportssoc@thapar.edu

President: Dr. Rajesh Pathak Contact No. 0175-2393033 (O), 9646108850 (M)

General Secretary: Mr. Lakhbir Singh

Literary Society

2.Literary Society

Literary Society is formed with objective to hone literary skills, improve oratorical, communication and subliminal skills. This Society also brings out the yearly Institute magazine ‘Avant Garde’

  • Major Activities: ACUMEN (inter hostel competitions), Debates, Script writing, ELIXIR (the inter year literary festival), Choreography, Poetry, Group Discussion, Quiz, and institute s Magazine

Email address: litsoc@thapar.edu

President:Dr. ApoorvaBakshi M. No. 9888211770

General Secretary:Ansh Juneja

Music And Dramatic Society(MUDRA)

3.Music And Dramatic Society(MUDRA)

The objective of this society is to hone the extra-curricular skills of students in the area of Music, Dramatics and developing managerial prowess contributing towards their overall personality. It organizes several big events such as MUDRA night and, Izhaar etc.

Email address:  mudra@thapar.edu

President:Dr. D.P. Singh Contact No.: 94170-58769

General Secretary: Sidharth Dua

Fine Arts and Photography Society(FAPS)

4.Fine Arts and Photography Society (FAPS)

Fine Arts and Painting Society provides a forum to the young budding engineers to give an expression to their varied talents in the field of Fine Arts, Painting, Sketching, Photography, etc.

  • Activities: Collage making, Painting Library wall, Diya Painting & Ganesha Decoration, Art Exhibition on paintings, sketches, photographs, handicrafts. The society also organizes an exhibition of the creative work done by the students every year.

Email address:  faps@thapar.edu

President:Dr. Ravi Kiran Contact No. 0175-2393080 (O), 9876114591 (M)

General Secretary: Himanshu Aggarwal

Youth Welfare Club(YWC)

5.Youth Welfare Club (YWC)

This society develops students’ personality through their exposure to the outdoor and welfare activities like: Yoga; Talent-Hunt; public speaking, etc. The society is at the forefront of organizing various festivals on TIET campus.

  • Activities: Celebration of Lohri, Basant Paschmi, yoga camps, Blood donation camps etc. The society also organizes medical check-up camps as well.

Email address:  ywc@thapar.edu

President: Dr. Rajeev Kumar Contact No.9888260602 (M)

General Secretary: Harshmeet Singh

Society for Promotion of Indian Classical Music & Culture Amongst Youth (SPIC MACAY)

6.Society for Promotion of Indian Classical Music & Culture Amongst Youth (SPIC MACAY)

This society organizes functions throughout the country in which great classical artists from India and abroad give performances and demonstrate to students/youth the values of our culture through LECDEM series. Several great artists like Sh. Zakir Hussain, Sh. Amjad Ali Khan, Pt. Shiv Kumar Sharma, Pt. Rajan Mishr and Pt. Sajan Mishr and may more have performed on the institute 's stage under the aegis of SPIC MACAY.

Email address:  spicmacay@thapar.edu

President: Dr. Rajesh Khanna Contact No.9872883263 (M)

General Secretary: Prateek Bindal ,Akash Sarpal

Creative Computing Society

7.Creative Computing Society

CCS society basic objective is to encourage students to actively participate in computer activities other than their curriculum.

  • Activities: Chakravayu, compu quiz.contests, Algorithm mania, Web Hunt, Programming –Overnight & Long term

Email address:  ccs@thapar.edu

President:Dr. Inderveer Chana (M. No.) 9417244465

General Secretary:Divyanshu Kaushik

Thapar Alumni Student Committee (TASC)

8.Thapar Alumni Student Committee (TASC)

To apprise the students of their role in the development of the Institute, Promote/enhance campus placement projecting TIET appropriately, establish rapport among the students, faculty and alumni in an effort to make the students feel proud of their Institute.

  • Activities: Freshers Guide; TnI issues, Organize events for alumni. The society has since been merged with the Student Alumni Interaction Cell (SAIC).

Email address: tasc@thapar.edu

President:– Dr. N. K. Verma, Contact No. 0175-2393013(O).

General Secretary:KatenSingla

Dance Club ‘NOX’

9.Dance Club ‘NOX’

To hone the dancing and social skills of students, that contributes to their overall personality development. The club organizes various dance workshops on campus and students of this club actively participate in various cultural festivals across institutes.

Email address: nox@thapar.edu

President:– Dr. (Ms.) HitashiLomash Contact No.98885-08898 (M)

General Secretary: Shashwat Seth

Thapar Movie Club (TMC)

10.Thapar Movie Club (TMC)

To help motivate, involve and promote appreciation (artistic, commercial and overall theme) of quality international and national films and foster an independent spirit of film criticism by the students and encourage them for critical writing on Indian and International cinema from the perspective of science, technology, technical education art and culture
The club organizes movies screenings on relevant technical and social themes and also organizes the inter-institute event ‘CINEYOUTH’.

Email address: tmc@thapar.edu

President:– Dr. Manmohan Chhibber M.No. 9463600569

General Secretary:Nishant Kabra , Sugam Arora

Pratigya Society

11.Pratigya Society

PRATIGYA--"a pledge"...to remove illiteracy from from community in and around campus... PRATIGYA is an effort to shape the dreams which every kid nurtures in his eyes,heart &thoughts . PRATIGYA from its root is a team which basically teaches the underprivileged kids from classes 1 to 10+2 as well as diploma classes These kids include those of the children of fourth class employees of Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology as well as those residing outside the campus Evolved in 2005, PRATIGYA is one of the biggest and most active socities at Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology ,Patiala.

Email address: pratigyasoc@thapar.edu

President:Dr. Anoop Verma (M.No.) 9815654776

General Secretary:Varinder Singh

Youth United -Thapar Chapter

12.Youth United -Thapar Chapter

The objective of Youth United is to encourage development of society as a whole through its activities like publishing periodicals on social issues, organize community service events & visits. Youth United organizes painting competition among small children, visits institutions like Pingalwara, Old age homes, School for Deaf and Dumb etc. It also organizes ‘The joy of giving week’ as a part of its initiative to inculcate cultural and social values amongst the residents of the Thapar Technology campus.

Email address: yu@thapar.edu

President:Dr. Shweta Goyal (M. No.) 9815605532

General Secretary: Ankur Vasdev

Thapar Model United Nations (TUMUN)

13.Thapar Model United Nations (TUMUN)

This Society is for all those who want to master the art of negotiation. Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology , Model United Nations brings you the best platform for debate and negotiations and to get a rich experience in these activities.

Email address: tumun@thapar.edu

President:Dr. Gurvinder Kaur (M.No.) 9815601485

General Secretary: Kritika Mittal

International Forum for Leadership and Sustainability (IFLS)

14.International Forum for Leadership and Sustainability (IFLS)

International Forum for Leadership and Sustainability is a social enterprise working to develop community leadership in sustainability. Our work is focused on waste management, food security and environmental education in India. We focus on driving change by developing innovative solutions, engaging local communities, and empowering social change makers. IFLS is a non-profit social start-up, working to develop leadership potential in individuals, through community based sustainability initiatives across world.

Email address: ifls@thapar.edu

President:Dr. RichaBabbar M.No. (9780310043)

General Secretary:Akshit Arora



Adventure Club @ Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology is the forum for adventure enthusiasts, trekkers, climbers and armchair mountaineers in the student community. It works to develop the spirit of adventure in Thaparians. The aim is to make the best of the absolutely beautiful terrain around Himachal region and beyond, in the short vacations one gets in an year, while having the greatest fun possible. While the stock activities are trekking ,rock climbing and mountain cycling, adventure club has also organized skiing and river rafting sporadically.

Email address: adventureclub@thapar.edu

President:Dr. Gagandeep Kaur (Mo.) 9465754590

General Secretary:Chiranjiv Singh



FROSH WEEK comprises of various activities and events for the fresher class of Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology to ease them into their new surroundings

Email address: froshweek@thapar.edu

President:Dr M.D. Singh (M.No.)9815605616

Overall Student Coordinator/General Secretary:Akshay Bajaj

Linux User Group

17.Linux User Group

Linux User Group Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology [LUGTU] is an organization established under the guidance of Dr. Maninder Singh which aims to establish a culture of open source development and product usage in Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology . It also promotes information security and safety on the Internet through expert talks and seminars

Email address: lugtu@thapar.edu

President:Dr. Maninder Singh Mo. 9815608309

General Secretary:

Visual Bulletin

18.Visual Bulletin

Visual Bulletin is a society in Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology formed in the academic year 2013-2014 with the objective of providing the students of Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology knowledge and technical skills about the various technologies and softwares used in modern visual communication. It is also the official society for generating event reports of the activities organized by various societies and clubs of TIET.

Email address: visualbulletin@gmail.com

President:: Mr. Tanuj Chopra (M.No. 9878291253)

General Secretary:Arsh Kundal



Econ Club at Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology is dedicated towards inculcating economics and financial know-how among the student community.It aims to inspire an understanding and application of economic concepts in day to day issues of life among students who realizes the immense importance and practical relevance of this field in the complex world.

Email address: econclub@thapar.edu

President:: Dr .Ravi Kiran, Contact No. (M) 9876114591

General Secretary:Tizil Gokhar

Paryavaran Welfare Society (PWS)

20.Paryavaran Welfare Society (PWS)

The PWS was set up in the year 2009, as a scheme to uphold biodiversity, guard “paryavaran” (environment), and save energy resources at local level. This society also spearheads with the ‘Swachh Bharat’ campaign on the TIET campus.

Email address: pws@thapar.edu

President::Dr A.S. Reddy, Mo. 9501799899

General Secretary:Mr. Rajneesh Kumar, Mo. 9888078599

Spirtual Scientists’ Alliance (SSA)

21.Spirtual Scientists’ Alliance (SSA)

Spiritual Scientists’ Alliance is a students’ body that aims at providing spiritual solutions to material problems. It provides a platform to the students to interact with the renowned spiritual scientists, that opens a new paradigm. Looking towards meta-science, a step ahead of physical science, the students are encouraged to have a glimpse of cause of the causes, and thus enable themselves to lead a fulfilling life.

Email address: ssa@thapar.edu

President::Dr. Maninder Singh (Mo. No. 9815608309)

General Secretary:Komal



ENACTUS is a community of students, academic and business leaders committed to using entrepreneurial action to transform lives and shape a better world.

Email address: enactus@thapar.edu

President::Dr. Gagandeep Kaur (Mo.) 9465754590

General Secretary:Satripleen Kaur, Anmol Jawa



Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology Entrepreneurship Development Cell, is a non-profit organization, completely run by T.U. students for helping future entrepreneurs and start-ups. It works very closely with the Venture Lab of Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology, Patiala.

Email address: edc@thapar.edu

President::Dr M.D. Singh (M.N. 9815605616)

General Secretary:Akshat Mathur

Indian Institute Of Chemical Engineers (IICHE)

24.Indian Institute Of Chemical Engineers (IICHE)

The IICHE is a student chapter of Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers at TIET campus. The various activities organized by ICHE include Quizzes, Group Discussion, Gaming event, Article writing competition, paper presentations etc.

Email address: iiche@thapar.edu

President::Dr V.K. Sangal (M.N.9815015705)

General Secretary:Akash Sangal

Society of Mechanical and Industrial Engineers (SOMIE)

25.Society of Mechanical and Industrial Engineers (SOMIE)

SOMIE (Society of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering) is the society which helps students gain technical and practical knowledge in mechanical engineering. SOMIE also acts as a bridge between students and faculty. SOMIE organizes various events like industrial Tour, engine assembly, soap cutting, technical quiz, guest lectures etc.

Email address: somie@thapar.edu

President::Dr. Vivek Jain Contact N.o :8437701280

General Secretary:Sanchit Sachdeva

Materials and Physics Society (MAPS)

26.Materials and Physics Society (MAPS)

To generate an interactive environment that encourages conditions for learning and stimulates personal and professional growth, providing exposure to new ideas and creativity.

  • Major activities organized: Expert lectures on physical science, quizzes, paper presentations, organization of seminars etc.

Email address: maps@thapar.edu

President::Dr D.P. Singh Contact No.: 94170-58769

General Secretary:Manish Gupta

Mechatronics and ROBOTICS Society

27.Mechatronics and ROBOTICS Society

To provide a platform to all the technical minds to come up and share their ideas to metamorph their dream 'robots' to reality. The prime principles of working would be learning and sharing.

Email address: robotics@thapar.edu

President::Mr. R.K. Duvedi Contact N.o. :978047411

General Secretary:Prakhar Jain

Indian Society of Technical Education (ISTE)

28.Indian Society of Technical Education (ISTE)

ISTE-TIET is the student chapter of the erstwhile Indian Society for Technical Education, wherein the students actively participate in conferences and seminars related to their own technical field of expertise.

  • Major Activities: Organization of technical workshops, quizzes, seminars, paper presentations, ISTE week

Email address:

President::DR. Rajesh Khanna (M No.) 9872883263

General Secretary:Parikshit Verma

Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET)

29.Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET)

IET aims at supporting the students to explore their professional and intellectural abilities, to develop their skills, increasing their competence, adopting the right attitude to maximize their potential and building a professional network that will help them to succeed in their professional endeavors.

  • Activities: Guest Lecture & paper presentations, ArithMania workshops etc.

Email address: iet@thapar.edu

President::Mrs. Manbir Kaur Contact N.o.: 9888696687