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International Level
Formula-IStudent car racing "Best Endeavor Award"
  • Instituted by Toyota
  • Silverstone, UK
  • First time-anyone from India
  • Teams: 72 cars form 55 counties
Surveillance Aircraft: Low-cost with Remote Access to Sensor Imagery“First out of 272 including IITs”
The prototype airframe with its engine on has been developed with a wingspan of 5 feet. Its flight has been successfully tested at an altitude of 600m and is capable of cruising in a range of 1.5 km with smooth takeoff and landing
Formula Hybrid Car
  • Dual Power supply
  • Engine coupled to alternator
  • Energy to battery and engine
  • Even the energy wasted due to brakes is regenerated to charge batteries, thus enhancing fuel efficiency


National Level
ARANYA Tech Fest
This society organizes functions through out the country in which great artists give performances and demonstrate to students/youth the values of our culture through LECDEM Lectures.

President – Dr. Rajesh Khanna, ECED, Contact No. 0175-2393816 (O), 9872883263 (M)
Vice President –Dr. Manmohan Chhiber, SCBC, Contact No. 0175-2393443 (O), 9463600569 (M)
Thapar Movie Club
To help motivate, involve and promote appreciation (artistic, commercial and overall theme) of quality international and national films and foster an independent spirit of film criticism by the students and encourage them for critical writing on Indian and International cinema from the perspective of science, technology, technical education art and culture.

Hazaron Khwahishye Aise - Laadli

UN 1st Population Award-female foeticide

Rashomon -Akira Kurosawas award winning film, "KABULIWALAH"

Rain Coat

President – Dr. A. Ganguli, BTESD, Contact No. 0175-2393387 (O), 9814948811 (M)
Vice President – Dr. S.D. Tiwari, SPMS, Contact No. 0175-3345 (O), 9463378147 (M)
Paper presentation in Conferences, and workshops

Actice participation in Cultural, Technical Events, and Sport Tournaments
The University has several playgrounds and well-maintained athletic track to encourage the students to take part in different games such as Cricket, Hockey, Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Lawn Tennis and Badminton.

The University has also a Gymnasium-cum-Badminton Hall and a Swimming Pool Complex equipped with all modern facilities.

It is mandatory for all the students of the University to get them selves registered in any one of the following activities in each semester
  • Athletics
  • Any one of the Games
  • Physical Exercises
  • Yoga/Meditation
The University provides Track suits to the students at 50% subsidized rates.

President – Dr. Rajesh Kumar, HCC, Contact No. 0175-2393146 (O), 9815609687 (M)
Vice President
  1. Dr. Manoj K. Sharma, SPMS, Contact No. 0175-2393344 (O), 94174-62430 (M)
  2. Ms. Smarti Kotwal, ECED, Contact No.0175-2393424 (O), 9417238969 (M)


University Level
BASE-Business Acumen for Engineers
To apprise students of business operations and to create in them business acumen with emphasis on Marketing & Finance.

Activities: Mock Group Discussion on campus Interviews; Guest lecture on Entrepreneurship by HPS Lamba, MD, Cheers Food Ltd

Magzine: Biz Geek

President – Mr. Vibhava Kumar Srivastava, LMTSoM, Contact No. 0175-2393505 (O)  97801-52177 (M)
CCS- Creative Computing Society
For encouraging students to actively participate in computer activities other than their curriculum

Activities: Chakravayu, Quiz – 90 teams of 2 each, Algorithm mania, Web Hunt, Programming –Overnight & Long term

President – Dr. Deepak Garg, CSED, Contact No. 0175-2393007 (O), 9815599654 (M)

Vice President - Sh. Ravinder Kumar, CSED Contact No. 0175-2393375 (O), 9815733726 (M)
FAPS-Fine Arts and Photography Society
Fine Arts and Painting Society provides a forum to the young budding engineers to give an expression to their varied talents in the field of Fine Arts, Painting, Sketching, Photography, etc.

Activities: Collage making, Painting Lib wall, Diya Painting & ganesha Decoration, Art Exhibition on paintings, sketches, photographs, handicrafts

President – Dr. Ravi Kiran, SMSS, Contact No. 0175-2393080 (O), 9876114591 (M)

Vice President- Ms. Shivani Goel , CSED, Contact No. 0175-2393371 (O), 9915599654 (M)
Literary Society
Its objective is to inculcate literacy tastes, to improve oratorical, communication and sublime skills. This Society also brings out the Instituted magazine.

Activities: Acumen, Mr. Punjabi & Miss Punjabi contest, Punjabi Play, Script writing, Eleixir Event, Choreography on Punjabi Poem, Group Discussion, Quiz, and University Magazine

President – Dr. Maneek Kumar, HCED, Contact No. 0175-2393354 (O), 9779037009 (M)
MUDRA-Music and Dramatic Society
Its objective is to hone the extra-curricular skills of students in the area of Music, Dramatics and developing managerial prowess contributing towards their overall personality; to organize several functions such as MUDRA and, Izhaar.

President – Dr. Manoj Kr. Sharma, SPMS, Contact No.0175-2393344 (O), 94174-62430 (M)

Vice President - Dr. Mahesh K. Sharma, SMCA, Contact No.0175-2393127 (O),94177-93229 (M)
NOX-Dance Club
To hone the dancing and social skills of students, that contributes to their overall personality development

President – Dr. (Ms.) Hitashi Lomash, SMSS,Contact No. 0175-2393132(O), 98885-08898 (M)
To provide a platform to all the technical minds to come up and share their ideas to metamorph their dream 'robots' to reality. The prime principles of working would be learning and sharing.

President- Sh. Balwant Singh, ECED, Contact No. 0175-2393334 (O), 98156-09537 (M)

Vice President- Mr. Parminder Singh Reel, ECED, Contact No.0175-2393083 (O)
'Sanskriti'- a society for learning Indian Classical Music-Insturmental, with the aim to revive the fast depleting Indian Culture and our rich tradition by motivating the Thapar University students as well as the faculty, staff and their children to learn musical insturments.

President – Dr. N. Tejo Prakash. BSED, Contact No. 98720-43262 (M)

Vice President - Dr. H. P. Bhunia, CHED, Contact No. 0175-2393439 (O), 93166-82355 (M)
TASC-Thapar Alumni Student Committee
To apprise the students of their role in the development of the Institute, Promote/enhance campus placement projecting TIET appropriately, Establish rapport among the students, faculty and alumni in an effort to make the students feel proud of their Institute.

Activities: Freshers Guide; TnI issues-03, Digest, Idea 2008

President – Dr. N. K. Verma, Dean, SA, Contact No. 0175-2393013(O)

Vice President – Sh. Balwant Singh, ECED, Contact No. 0175-2393334 (O), 98156-09537 (M)
YWC-Youth Welfare Club
This society develops students’ personality through their exposure to the outer/adventurous activities, like: Inter-state site-seeing; Hiking and Trekking; Inter-state Cycling; Yoga; Talent-Hunt; painting, photography, public speaking, etc.

Activities: Lohri, Basant Paschmi, Fun Games, Saheed Bhagat Singh, Sketch Workshop by Neeraj – BE Final Year student, Children Day Worhshop on Yoga, Rock Competition.

President – Sh. Rajeev Kumar, SMCA, Contact No. 0175-2393433 (O), 9888260602 (M)


Department Level
ACID-Association of Chemical Intellectual and Developers

Activities: Guest Lecture; Quiz, Caption Contest

President – Dr. H.P. Bhunia, CHED, Contact No. 0175-2393439 (O), 9316682355 (M)
IETE- Institute of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineers (Student Chapter)

Activities: CAT Workshop by R. Swami, an IIM-alumni and a motivational guru, War of the Physicist, Orcad & PCB design, Digi-War

President – Mr. Kulbir Singh, ECED, Contact No. 0175-2393837 (O), 9417410974 (M)
IET- Institution of Engineering & Technology
IET aims at supporting the students to explore their professional and intellectural abilities, to develop their skills, increasing their competence, adopting the right attitude to maximize their potential and building a professional network that will help them to succeed in their professional endeavors.

Activities: Guest Lecture on Problems & Remedies re Power Systems, ArithMania, CAT W/s

President – Mrs. Manbir Kaur, EIED, Contact No. 0175-2393053 (O), 9888696687 (M)
IICHE-Indian Institute Of Chemical Engineers.

Activities: Quizzes, Group Discussion, Gaming event, Article writing competition

President – Dr. Rajeev Mehta, CHED, Contact No. 0175-2393440 (O), 9815623714 (M)
ISTE-Indian Society of Technical Education (Student Chapter)

Activities: Workshops, ISTE week

President –
Dr. Rajesh Khanna, ECED, Contact No. 0175-2393084 (O), 9872883263 (M)

Vice President –
Ms. Suman Bhullar, EIED, Contact No. 0175-2393079 (O), 9417606090 (M)
MAPS- Material & Physics Society
To generate an interactive environment that encourages conditions for learning and stimulates personal and professional growth, providing exposure to new ideas and creativity.

Activities: Expert Lectures -Dr KL Chopra, Dr AK Tyagi

President –
Dr. O.P. Pandey, HSPMS, Contact No. 0175-2393116 (O), 9888401777 (M)

Vice President –
Dr. Sunil Kumar, SPMS, Contact No. 0175-2393345 (O), 9463054791 (M)
Microsoft Student Chapter (.NET Club)
To provide opportunity to students to interact on a world-wide common platform, help students to gain competitive edge in the global scenario and in turn polishing them into globally accepted product.

Activities: MS Session, Lectures and Hands on Course in Visual Basic.Net C#

President – Sh. Rajesh K. Bhatia, CSED, Contact No. 0175-2393374 (O),9872220720 (M) 
REC- Renewable Energy Club
In order to create awareness about New and Renewable Sources of Energy (NRSE), its various systems and devices among the students especially those of engineering Colleges, Ministry of non-Conventional Energy Sources (MNES) has approved to set up a “Renewable Energy Club” at TU, Patiala.

Activities: Go-green event

President – Shri Satish Kumar, MED, Contact No.0175-2393102 (O), 9417923801 (M)
SAE-Society of Automotive Engineers

President – Shri Sumeet Sharma, MED, Contact No.0175-2393089 (O)

Vice President – Shri Ravinder K. Duvedi, MED, Contact No.0175-2393365 (O)
TSCE-Thapar Society Of Civil Engineers
The aim of the society is to polish the technical skills of the students by enlightening them on current practices being followed in the construction industry.

Activities: Techno Cultural Event, Live space making competition

President – Mrs. Shruti Sharma, CED, Contact No. 0175-2393360 (O)


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