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Thapar University, Patiala

Senior Staff Club



 Senior Staff Club of Thapar University is working for improving the quality of life of the faculty members and their families. It is for making the life full of entertainment and enjoyment by arranging various activities in the club house and celebrating various functions. It also takes care to increase the healthy and competitive spirit of the members by arranging various sports and other competitions.

 It also runs various programs for the underprivileged sections of the society to fulfill the responsibility towards the society. Faculty members can also arrange various programs/functions/parties as per their needs and can avail the facility of club house without any charge. Excursion trips are also arranged to increase the social network and friendship with in the club members.

 The Club is run by the membership fee collected from the members (100/- per month) and additional funds generated from the sponsorship from Thapar University and external entities. The membership Fees will be increased to 150/- whenever the new scales are implemented. This is to compensate for increase in expenses of the club.

 Club also runs a crèche and a day boarding facility for kids in the club house.

 All the faculty members who join the university after 01.01.08 are automatically made the members of the club. Other faculty members who had joined before are made members on their request by filling membership form.

 The Club is run by the Club executive who is formed by the President after approval from the Director, Thapar University. President is chosen in a democratic fashion by calling for nominations and then voting, if required. 

 Facilities at Club House

  •  Ultra Modern Air Conditioned Gymnasium with all the latest equipments having two tread mills, two cycles, four station Gym, Weighing Machine, Loose Weights, Equipment for abdomen exercise, bench press with rod etc.
  • Billiards/Pool Table (Only for adults with more than 18 years of age)
  • Members are advised to play with care so as to avoid any damage to the top surface cloth.
  • Table tennis (Rackets & balls are issued on daily basis). However the regular players are requested to bring their own rackets.
  • Badminton (Rackets are issued on daily basis). However the regular players are requested to bring their own rackets.
  • Lawn Tennis (Rackets can be issued on daily basis). However the regular players are requested to bring their own rackets.
  • Cricket (Kit can be issued on daily basis)
  • Chess (4 kits) (Kit can be issued on daily basis)
  • Carom Board ( 4 kits) (Kit can be issued on daily basis
  • Cards ( 4 kits) (Kit can be issued on daily basis)
  • Toys/slider/sea-saw/cycle/scooter/humptydumpty/karote and other toys
  • Educational toys
  • Sound System with mike and amplifier
  • Creche facility :Air-conditioned and modern Crèche with special furniture/toys and other facilities for kids and school going children.Timings are 8.30 to 5.30 for full time facility and 1.00 to 5.30 for school going kids. Charges are 500/- per month.Charges for a full quarter have to be given in advance and are non-refundable. It is the responsibility of the parents to drop and pick their wards. Eatables/milk etc. have to be provided by the parents.The parents and the children are bound by the rules and regulations of the crèche and the club which may change from time to time as notified by various circulars issued in this regard.
  • Music/bhangra/dance/casio/Judo classes on demand. All the payments have to be made in advance and the fee for a quarter has to be given.
  • Birthday/kitty/anniversary/family functions/religious Parties can be hosted
  • Dish TV with 42’’ LCD TV and DVD
  • Tea/Coffee Vending Machine
  • Telephone ( two set)
  • Furniture ( Sofa set/ tables/ chairs etc.)
  • RO filtered water/ Fridge
  • Inverter back up
  • Six computer machines for giving education to underprivileged students
  • Picnic to nearby places is arranged from time to time (once in a year)
  • Celebrating functions like Diwali/ Holi/ Lohri/New year/ Ramnavami/ Gurpurb/ saraswati Puja etc.
  • Running Yoga classes/ lectures and seminars on spiritual and general topics
  • Competitions like drawing/ rangoli/ coloring/ dance/ poems/ collage making/ antakshri/ kite flying and sports matches
  • Any other thing/function/event on request by members etc. and other facilities

 Officers of the Club Executive


Dr. Abhijit Mukherjee



Dr. R. K. Sharma



Dr. V. P. Singh

General Secretary and CSED Representative


Dr. Manoj Kumar Sharma

Sports Secretary and SPMS Representative


Dr. Rajesh Kumar Gupta

Finance Secretary and SMCA Representative


Mr. Shakti Singh

Tour Secretary and EIED Representative


Ms. Bindu Bhardwaj

Cultural Secretary and Registry Representative


Mr. Alok Garg

Club House Secretary and CHED Representative


Mr. Kundan Lal

Executive Member and MED Representative


Dr. Dwarikanath Ratha

Executive Member and CED Representative


Ms. Smarti Reel

Executive Member and ECED Representative


Mr. Y V R Murthy

Executive Member and LMTSOM Representative


Mr. S. C. Bose

Executive Member and SMSS Representative


Dr. Amjad Ali

Executive Member and SCBC Representative


Mr. Anoop Kumar

Executive Member and BTESD Representative


 General Instructions

Club Timings: 6.00 AM to 8.00 AM and 5.00 P.M. -9.00 P.M.

  •  There is a caretaker Mr. Gurmeet Singh ( Ph No. 3757) to take care of club house. Kindly cooperate with him and he will provide any sports item on need basis.
  • If you are bringing any guests or non-members kindly bring it to the notice of the caretaker.
  • Keep all the items at the proper place and help us in keeping the decorum of the club.
  • Any breakage or loss of item due to anybody’s negligence will be charged.
  • Any complaint or suggestion can be written on the register provided to the caretaker. Your feedback is always welcome.
  • Everybody should take turns in case there are more people waiting for the same game or facility.
  •  All the payments of the crèche and special classes should be deposited in the Club House to the caretaker after getting the proper receipt of the payment.


It is your club so all are requested to take active and constructive participation in the club activities and consider club house as a family house for faculty members.For any Enquiries/Suggestions/feedback/comments

Dr. V. P. Singh, CSED

(General Secretary): Ph No. : 2393374, 9872011326


With regards,


(Dr. R.K. Sharma)

President, Senior Staff Club

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