The INSPIRUS 2k18 by TIET Microsoft Students Chapter was an energetic, week-long event from 17th to 24th January 2018. With an array of thrilling contests and workshops, it witnessed an overwhelming participation from students.

Anime TV Series Quiz-
With a huge participation the Anime TV Series Quiz was one entertaining event which the society organised. The event was divided into three rounds. The first round was a Written Quiz on the various popular anime and tv series. The second round was an Audio Visual round for which top 8 teams were selected. The third & final was the Rapid Fire Round was the most exciting one.

Here are the top 4 teams who proved themselves as the TIET Otaku-
Rank 1 : Mehul Jain and Asad Husain
Rank 2: Atin Srivastava and Avish Mangla
Rank 3: Aabhas Kedia and Nishad Gupta
Rank 4: Devangna Dubey and Anmol Khurana

Blind Coding :
Confident about your coding skills? But what if the monitor is turned off?
The blind coding competition was one of a kind challenge where students were blind to what they typed. 50 minutes were given to code the solution of given problem on the blackened screen and 5 minutes to review code with screen mode on. 

Here are the top 3 coding ninjas of TIET-
Rank 1: Ashish Niranjan (2nd Year)
Rank 2: Palki (3rd Year)
Rank 3: Phalak (3rd Year)

Game of Codes:-
Game of Codes was a competitive coding competition for technical enthusiasts comprising of 2 rounds. First was the online HackerRank competition where successful candidates were called for the second offline round which was hosted on HackerRank.

The winners of the coding throne were :

1st Year:
Rank 1: Dhruv Garg
Rank 2: Simrat Bir

2nd Year:
Rank 1: Anshul Bhardwaj

Football Quiz:-
All codes no play? This event tested the knowledge of participants in the arena of soccer. Students participated in teams of two. There were four rounds including written, audio-visual, history and rapid fire, top two teams were given prizes. More than 100 students had participated in this event

The TIET Football Quiz winners were:- 
Rank 1: Chinmay Gupta and Nikhil Bhardwaj
Rank 2: Shantanu Chauhan and Sarthak Sharma
Rank 3: Piyush Budania and Abhishek Maira

Switch Coding:-
The switching code competition was held at CITM Lab on 23rd Jan 2018. Students participated in a team of two. The partners were switched every 5 minute to work on
the solution formed by the other team member for the given problem without any
Communication. Nearly 50 students participated in this event.

Top two teams who came out as winners were-
Rank 1: Palki (3rd Year) and Nishta Ahuja(3rd Year)
Rank 2: Shivam Arora(1st Year) and Sahil Ahuja(1st Year)
Rank 3: Armandeep Singh(2nd Year) and Anshul Bhardwaj(2nd Year)

Women Who Code:-

Wrong are people who consider women lacking in technical field, with best problem solving
skills and logical analysis, they have got the best coding mindset. Women-who- code, an
online Hackerrank competition only for girls. It was conducted in two stages. First an online
qualification round held on 22nd Jan and than an onsite final round held on 24th Jan in CITM
Over 30 girls participated in the online round and 11 were invited to participate in the onsite
Top 3 Girls were given Prizes.

Neural Network Workshop:-
This workshop was conducted by Dr. P. S. Rana, it was about introducing the students to the basics of machine learning and giving them a introduction about the working of a neural network.It was organised on 24-Jan- 2018. After the Lecture a short quiz was taken on the topic which was taught out of which two winners were chosen.

Prize Distribution:-
Prizes were distributed on the last day of fest i.e 24th Jan 2018 By Mr. P.S. Rana Sir.