Dr. Santha Kumari


Professor and Head


Cognitive and Experimental Psychology. Prof Incharge Guidance and Counseling



Contact No.


Designation and Subjects Taught

Professor , SHSS; Professor In-charge Career Guidance and Personal Counselling cell

Experimental Psychology, Physiological Psychology, Statistics and Research Methods in Psychology, Psychometrics, Cognitive Psychology, Psychopathology, Psychological Assessment for MA Psychology students; Introduction to Psychology: UG students ( BE) ; Engineering Psychology : UG Students(BE) ; Artificial Intelligence: PG Students (MCA) ; Behavioral Sciences: UG Students (BE) ; Organizational Behavior: UG Students BE) ; Cognitive Psychology and its applications- M.Phil students ; Human development and Psychopathology- M. Phil students; Guidance and Counseling-- M. Phil students ; Applied Behavioral Sciences – PhD students

Research Projects

  • Personal and Familial Handed ness and performance on spatial abilityTasksRef No.SP/YS/ MO5/88), Sponsoring Agency : DST, Duration : 1990-92, Status : Completed
  • Masculinity- Femininity: A life span developmental approach (Ref.No1-55/95 RP-II), Sponsoring Agency : ICSSR, Duration : 1994-95, Status : Completed
  • Educational implications of sex and age differences in spatial ability and hemispheric specialization (Ref.No.F5-94/95), Sponsoring Agency : UGC, Duration : 1996-98, Status : Completed
  • Accuracy in arm positioning as a function of handedness and time sense (minor Project), Sponsoring Agency : UGC, Duration : 1996-97, Status : Completed
  • Hemispheric specialization for motor skills: Effect lateralization, handedness and sex. (Ref No. SP/SO/BO8/97), Sponsoring Agency : DST, Duration : 1997-99 , Status : Completed
  • Speed of information processing , intelligence and creativity(minor project ), Sponsoring Agency : UGC , Duration : 2000-2001, Status : Completed
  • Time course in Stroop effect: An experimental investigation in cognitive microgenesis (Ref. No.SP/SO/B38/2000), Sponsoring Agency : DST, Duration : 2001-2003, Status : Completed
  • Effects of extended video stimulation on visual cognition (Ref.No.SP/SO/B48/2001), Sponsoring Agency : DST , Duration : 2004-2006, Status : Completed
  • An experimental Investigation of the Psychological determinants of Financial decision making: A prospect theory approach, Sponsoring Agency: ICSSR, Duration: 2013-2015, Status: Completed.
  • Project In pipeline: Development of intelligent system for emotion recognition: Speech and micro-expression., Submitted to DST, Awaiting the call for presentation.

Membership of Professional Institutions, Associations, Societies

  • Member ,American Psychological Association (APA)
  • Member , International Association of Applied Psychology IAAP

Publications and other Research Outputs


  1. Berring, L., Santha Kumari, & Ahuja, S. (2017) Impact of personality traits and personal values on curriculum choice of young adults. Journal of Beliefs & Values, http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/13 617672.2017.1293930
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Deion of Research Interests

  • Currently working in the area of Emotion recognition; Night vision ; Hemispheric specialization; Maths Anxiety; Behavioral Finance; Value orientation; Narcissistic personality.
  • Presented papers in the various international conferences (Total: 11).
  • Supervised PhD candidates (Awarded: 3, Ongoing: 2).
  • Delivered invited lecturer on Biological basis of sexual orientation and sex typical behaviour, North Dakota, USA.
  • Participated in the Embedding Entrepreneurship in engineering Education program at University of Groningen, Netherlands.
  • Carried out Consultancy Project which includes testing of Personality, Intelligence, Memory, Differential aptitudes, Social skills training, Language dimensions , Emotional intelligence, Moral reasoning etc. This Programme was started in 1997 and runs throughout the year. The assessment procedures and guidance programme are fine-tuned to suit individual requirements and linking them to career plans, aspirations, achievement levels and educational and socio-economic status. And intelligence and memory testing for patients referred from Psychiatry department, Government Medical College Hospital, Patiala, India