Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology (Deemed University) - Training and Consultancy

Services Offered
To promote entrepreneurship in Punjab and adjoining states following services are offered especially to small and medium scale industries, NGO’s, students, teachers, managers and entrepreneurs or any individual.

  1. Organizing customized Entrepreneurship Development Programs (EDP’s)
  2. Awareness of Agriprenuership in specific products or areas (EAC’s)
  3. Providing customized reports on enterprise development on specific products, thrust areas or turnkey projects
  4. Infrastructural and incubation support to select Entrepreneurs after having an MoU
  5. Regulatory clearances and strategic interventions for market launch support to Entrepreneur or Technopreneur
  6. Production trials for market seeding and virtual business incubatio
  7. Testing and consultancy services in microbiological and chemical analysis of soil, fly ash and food products
  8. Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property Management.

Training and Consultancy is provided in setting up of units in biofertilizer production, mushroom cultivation, plant tissue culture and food processing including quality control aspects and infrastructure requirements.

Course manuals have been prepared in each module with technological details and techniques

  1. Biofertilizer Production Technology (Bacterial and Blue Green Algal)
  2. Mushroom Cultivation using Agricultural Wastes
  3. Commercial Plant Tissue Culture
  4. Food Product Development
  5. Spirulina Production Technology
  6. Biowaste Handling and Recycling

Methods of Water and Food AnalysisResearch and consultancy in bioconversion of solid biowaste, production of biofertilizers, algae, edible mushrooms, pulpwood or industrial plantations, bioefficacy trials, rehabilitation of waste degraded lands, microbe culture and maintenance, laboratory setup and management, testing of soil and flyash bioremediation of polluted water and soils, plant product extraction and preservation and food processing, food testing and food safety.

Specialized training is imparted in HPTLC, GC, AAS, pilot scale fermentation and soy milk and soy paneer (tofu).