Central Workshop has understood the need for creating updated manufacturing facilities and hence, efforts are always in aligning and modernizing infrastructure to global manufacturing scenario. The efforts are for creating facilities to prepare students for a broader view of manufacturing aspects understanding and skills.

The Central Workshop is equipped with latest power tools, equipment and facilities in all areas of manufacturing technologies. It provides the fabrication needs of the Experiential Learning Centre of the Institute, product design and manufacturing in the different courses of manufacturing, “Capstone Project” for undergraduates, Master’s thesis work and doctoral research work.

The group of students associated in building products and competes at national and international level product building competitions like Formula (“Team Fateh”) and ATV (“Team Ultron”) car.

The facility can also be used by external agencies for their manufacturing and training needs during the vacation period as per Institute norms.

Following are the Shops/Labs in the central workshop

  1. CNC Lab
  2. Conventional Machine Shop
  3. CNC Simulation Lab
  4. Sheet Metal Processing Shop
  5. Carpentry & Pattern making Shop
  6. Welding and Joining Shop
  7. Foundry Shop
  8. Additive Manufacturing
  9. Advance Measurement Lab