Dr. Devender Kumar


Assistant Professor


Automobile Product Development, Nanoceramics



Thesis Supervision (ME)

15 (completed), 02 (ongoing)

Award for academic excellence in year



  • PhD : Nano-Ceramics, Completed  from Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology, Patiala.
  • M.Tech.: Robotics and Automation, N.I.T. Kurukshetra.
  • B.Tech. : Mechanical Engineering, K. U. Kurukshetra


  • Total Experience 11 years

List of Research Publications


  1. D. Kumar and K. Singh, “High hardness-high toughness WC-20Co nanocomposites : Effect of VC variation and sintering temperature”, Materials Science Engineering A, vol. 663, pp. 21–28, 2016. Status: Published, Publisher: Elsevier, Impact Factor: 3.094, Category: SCI
  2. D. Kumar and K. Singh, “Effect of Processing Methods and Die Design Parameters on Green Properties of WC – Co Nanopowder Pellets”, Materials and Manufacturing Processes, vol. 30, pp. 1329–1341, 2015. Status: Published, Publisher: Taylor and Francis, Impact Factor:2.274, Category: SCI
  3. T.K. Bera, S. Dixit, A. Bhattachrya, D. Kumar and A.K.Samantaray, “thermal modelling, simulation and experimental validation of heat accumulation in a framed glass cabin” , Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, vol.55, pp. 911-922, 2017. Status: Published, Publisher: PTMTS, Impact Factor: 0.683, Category: SCI
  4. N. Kaur, G. Kaur, D. Kumar and K. Singh, “Mechanical and thermal properties of SrO/BaO modified Y2O3-Al2O3-B2O3-SiO2 glasses and their compatibility with SOFC components”, Journal of Materials Science. Status: Under Review, Publisher: Springer, Impact Factor: 2.302, Category: SCI


  1. Creep deformation and stress analysis in rotating disc of composite material, International Conference on Emerging Trends in Mechanical Engineering, Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology, Patiala, Feb. 2011
  2. Designing, Fabrication & Testing of Impact Attenuator for Formula SAE Car, National Conference- Recent Innovations in Engineering & Technology, March 2012
  3. Drop Test Analysis of Impact Attenuator for Formula SAE Car, International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications, Volume 2, Issue 10, October 2012
  4. Performance Analysis of a Solar Parabolic Trough Collector Using Different Reflective Material for Hot Water Generation, National Conference, Low and High Temperature Applications of Solar Energy, May 2013

List of Patents

Devender Kumar, Vaibhav Nain, “Modified Headrest with Cooling Fan Assembly for Vehicle Cabin and its Method of Assembling”
Status: Published in March 2017, Patent filing no: 2624/DEL/2015

List of Consultancy/Research Projects

Consultancy Projects

  • Devender Kumar, Amit Sarna, Dr. Gian Bhushan, Dr. Pankaj Chandna Company: HMM Coaches, Ambala (May 2007-June 2008) at NIT Kurukshetra. Purpose: Design and analysis of rear engine semi low floor (RESLF) bus body structure.
  • Devender Kumar, Lavi Garg, Company: Whirlpool India Limited (Oct. 2014- June 2015 Purpose: Company Whirlpool want to reduce the cost of Single Door Direct-Cool Refrigerator and increase the inside space with innovative product design. With our proposed designs the total saving to the company was app. 27.377 crore annually. Improvement in space utilization on door is 9567 cm3 i.e. 31% on door of the refrigerator and that of cabin is 4995 cm3 i.e. 3% in cabin of the refrigerator.

Teaching Interests

Name of the Course

  • Automobile Engineering
  • Industrial Automation
  • Engineering Drawing
  • Computer Integrated Manu. Systems
  • Mechatronics
  • Manufacturing Processes

Research Interests

Automobile Product Development, Computer Aided Engineering, Tungsten Carbide based nano ceramics

Administrative Experience

Project Semester Coordinator, MED (Aug. 2009- Sep. 2016)

  • Manage all the activities related to 6 month project semester training of B.E. third year Mechanical, Mechatronics, Industrial Engineering students.
  • Issuing request letters to the students.
  • Conducting interviews of the companies in the department.
  • Registration of the students for project semester.
  • Final evaluation of all the third year students in the department.
  • Responsibility involves lot of man-hours to counsel the student queries about different companies. Online and offline interaction goes throughout the year.
  • All notifications related to project semester.
  • Conducting final year placement interviews in the department whenever required by the placement cell.
  • Responsibility for resolving student grievances.

Faculty Advisor, Team Fateh-7, MED

Coordinated the design, manufacturing, testing of Formula 1 student Car and participation of team in Formula Student Germany(FSG) 2014, an International event held at Hockenheim, Germany, August-2014

Faculty Advisor, Team Fateh-6, MED

Coordinated the design, manufacturing, testing of Formula 1 student Car and participation of team in Formula Student Germany(FSG) 2013, an International event held at Hockenheim, Germany, August-2013


Organized one month workshop on “Material Tailoring in Functionally Graded Structures” from 12th December 2013 to 6th January 2014. Dr. Romesh C. Batra was invited as full bright specialist from Virginia Tech Polytechnic, USA for the workshop.


Organized One day training program for working, dis-assembly and assembly of Automatic Geargox with Allison Transmission India Pvt. Ltd.

Faculty Advisor, Team Auto Geeks, MED

Coordinated the design, manufacturing, testing of ATV and participation of team in SAE Baja a National event held at NATRIP Proving Ground, Pithampur, Indore, India on January 29-31, 2010.


Organized one day workshop on Engineering Applications of Graph Theory.