Foreign Visits

Sr. No. Name of the Faculty Member Foreign Visit Place and Dates
1. Dr. M.D. Singh 2014IEEECanadianConferenceon Electrical and Computer Engineering (CCECE) 4th-7th May 2014, Toronto,Ontario, Canada
4-week course on Embedding Entrepreneurship in Engineering Education 23rd Feb-22nd Mar. 2016, University of Groningen, The  Netherlands.
2. Dr. Ravinder Agarwal “Information Technologies and Nanotechnologies” (ITNT-2016) 17th-19th May2016, Samara State Aerospace University,Samara, Russia
ICCSED2017 2nd-3rd Feb. 2017, Chancellor Hotel, Melbourne
3. Dr. Prasenjit  Basak Evaluation of Ph.D Thesis University of Cape Town, South Africa
4. Dr. Mukesh Singh PES General Meeting 2016 July 2016, Boston, USA
Promotion of Institute in Education Fair Mar. 2016, Bhutan
PES General Meeting 2017 16-20th July, 2017
5. Ms. Manbir Kaur IET South Asia Conference 7th-10th Sept. 2014, Columbo, Sri Lanka
IIEF 2016 6th-8th Mar. 2016, Jakarta, Indonesia
IIEF 2017 28th Feb-4th Mar. 2017, Bali
6.  Dr. Parag Nijhawan IETF 2017 31st Mar.-1st  Apr. 2017, Myanmar