Alumni Chapters


The involvement of Alumni in supporting and providing contributions willingly and voluntarily to their Institution is vital for maintaining, expanding and escalating its growth and development. The Alumni Association/Chapters has contributed significantly to the development of the institution through financial means by offering scholarships to meritorious students. Funds were also donated to constitute scholarships to promote the academic culture and to help the needy through Merit-cum-means Scholarships.

Thapar has a legacy of Distinguished Alumni who have excelled in various walks of Life, so for the benefit of the Alma Mater, in particular, and the society in general, Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology (TIET) Alumni interacted with students and faculty and participated in various interactive and motivational events, viz. Alumni in the making, Exordium: a Freshers welcome, start up conclaves to mention a few.

The focus was not only for resource generation but Alumni were involved in various innovative activities. Prestigious alumni interacted through Global leadership Summit organised to enhance the leadership skills in students and to assist them through interaction to construct Business Plan on some real world case studies. The real life practical experience of the Alumni helped to enhance their Entreprenurial and leadership skills.

Alumni involvement in Board of Governors is integral for assisting in vision and Mission strategy of the Institute. Thapar Institute has Alumni involvement in the Board. Alumni also eagerly assisted in branding of the Institute. Experiences shared by the alumni through invited lectures are easily accepted by the students and assisted in guidance and inspiration.

Through sharing their experiences and expertise alumni assisted in strengthening confidence, improving motivation and inculcating the values and culture in line with what the Institution intends to communicate to its students.

As our distinguished Alumni are leaders in the professional world and are working as CEO’s, Managing Directors and successful entrepreneurs, they assisted in placement in reputed companies. Thapar has a unique culture of offering Internship in Undergraduate and Postgraduate Engineering Programmes to enable the students to gain practical experience.

Our Alumni lent support through facilitating internships in reputed organisations across the globe. We are lucky that Thapars Alumni are loyal and lifelong supporters and always ready to offer their help in Internships and Placements.

Alumni through Local and international chapters remained connected to their alma mater and offered active involvement and support to pursue and sustain excellence in education through interaction with faculty and students. Alumni that have served successfully in various sectors across the globe have been associated with these Chapters and facilitated networking and assisted in building stronger ties to uplift their Alma mater to achieve new heights and escalate the rating and ranking of the Institution for wider acceptance in the world.