Centre of Information and Technology Management (CITM)

Centre of Information and Technology Management (CITM) has been established in the Institute after integrating three units, namely, Computer Centre, Centre for Information Super-Highway and University Science Instrumentation Centre. This centre has been established to cater the needs of users involving implementation, maintenance and support activities related to LAN/WLAN, software and hardware; procurement, support and maintenance of various equipments of users. CITM offers Internet access and network services to Thapar Institute. CITM has three static internet leased line connections : 6Gbps from BSNL, 6Gbps from QTL and 1000Mbps from National Knowledge network(NKN). The Campus-wide Local Area Network (LAN), which currently has 14000 live nodes (wired and wireless), is backboned by Optical Fiber connected with layer-3 and layer-2 switches, structured with CAT6 cabling. The CITM has state-of-the-art computational labs and one DATA CENTRE. CITM Labs remain open from 8.00 AM to 6.30 PM on all working days and from 9.00 AM to 5.30 PM on Saturdays. The computational facility in the Centre includes 14 Dell Power Edge servers and 97 nodes and other peripherals. CITM is a member of MATHWORKS Campus Agreement and Microsoft Campus Agreement. CITM also provides repair and maintenance of Electronic Instruments/Equipment and, PCs and peripherals used in various Laboratories. This centre is contributing in the implementation of ERP software that includes financial management, inventory management, human resource management, purchase management, academic activities modules, and its related support to the users of Thapar Institute. CITM is also responsible for maintenance and administration of Thapar Institute Website. The main objective of centre is to provide better IT support and services to the users for their individual as well as collective growth.

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