Dr. Ashish Purohit


Assistant Professor


General Noise and vibration, Flow induced vibration, aeroacoustics



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Ashish Purohit is assistant professor in Mechanical Engineering Department at Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology, India. He received his PhD from Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, in 2016, M. Tech. in Machine Design from the Department of mechanical engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (2006-2008) and Bachelors Govt. Engineering College, Ujjain (1997-2001), India. Prior to joining Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology, Dr. Ashish has worked in research center of Tata Motors Ltd. (2008-2010), India and as a scientist in Indian space research organization (ISRO).

Dr. Ashish works in a general area of mechanical vibration, flow induced vibration and general acoustics with the focus of effect of flow variation on the level of vibration and corresponding acoustic generation. He is also working in the field of architectural acoustic, study of reverberation time and acoustical designing of lecture hall, auditorium etc. Recently, he bagged a funding of 24 lacs from Government of India to enhance efficiency investigation of piezoelectric energy harvesting using flow induced vibration at normal ambient condition. He has previously worked on the aeroacoustic study of a flexible structure in flow. He worked in a project from Ministry of defence, Govt. of India for reducing the vibration level of a war ship structure by designing a tuned mass damper (passive vibration absorber). Other future work of interest are understanding the acoustic signature of healthy and blocked or ill heart, development of a cheap and effective solution to monitor human health using acoustic and vibration characteristics.

Research Projects

A DST-SERB sponsored project titled: "Computational and experimental study of flow-induced vibration of a plate with piezoelectric material to improve performance of wind vibration energy harvester” of cost 24.19 lacs is ongoing.

List of Research Publications


  1. A Purohit, AK Darpe, SP Singh “Influence of flow velocity and flexural rigidity on the flow induced vibration and acoustic characteristics of a flexible plate” Journal of Vibration and Control,(2017) 1077546316685227
  2. A. Purohit, A.K. Darpe, S.P. Singh, “Experimental investigations on flow induced vibration of an externally excited flexible plate”, Journal of Sound and Vibration (2016) 371, 237-251
  3. A. Purohit, A.K. Darpe, S.P. Singh, "A study on aerodynamic sound from an externally excited flexible structure in flow".Computers & Fluids 103 (2014) 100–115.
  4. A. Purohit, A.K. Darpe, S.P. Singh, "A numerical investigation on effects of structural flexibility on aerodynamic far field sound", Computers & Fluids, 89 (2014) 143-152.

Description of Research Interests

General Acoustics, Aeroacoustics/Hydroacoustics, Architectural acoustics, Flow induced noise and vibration of flexible structure in flow, Vibration isolation, active vibration control, Rotor dynamics