Harcharan Jit Singh



System Manager IT


ERP Deployment and IT Infrastructure and Planning of Institute



Job Profile

ERP Deployment of Modules, Student Life Cycle, Academics, Finance and Accounting, Institute’s Database, Administration and Management, Private Cloud Infrastructure of Institute, Managing Web Services. Managing Enterprise Level Network, Institute Level Network Security and Threat Management, IT Infrastructure and Planning of Institute.

Recent Moodle LMS sites with 20K+ of users, 2136+ courses, 2.8TB couse data and 83K+ activities






Web Application Performance improvement: Content and Session caches, micro services, connection optimization

Database Performance: Clustering for performance, configuration optimization, DBA Oracle, MYSQL database Administrator

Server, Network and Application Security:

Cyber Security Planning, execution and continuously monitoring the dynamics, Experience in conducting security test, Strong understanding of web protocols and web application security

Protocol header securities policies, assessments and continuous monitoring

Security incident assessment and security breach assessments

demonstrating proof of concepts for the latest vulnerabilities

Servers Internals: Assesses security posture of Servers, Firewalls, IDS/IPS, Server Hardening, Linux/Windows internals and API calls, Web servers and its web application vulnerability scanning and apply solution to Multi-Level/ Multi point fix. Performance improvements

Network Server Attacks: Assessment the network vulnerability, knowledge of DOS, DDOS, Spoofing, phishing attacks, create a security matrix to protect network resources at multiple levels. System hardening and performance improvements

Email: Security assessments, email authentication, guarding against Spoofing/Spamming, anonymous emails, DKIM, SPF and DMARC assessment, configuration and implementation for domain email system.

Network Security: Sound knowledge on Firewalls, routing, switching and wireless network, Advanced Network Security skills IPS, Proxy, Web filtering, Email filtering, Firewalls, APT detection and Next gen firewalls

SEO Spamming: Assessment of SEO spam infection, implement plan to fix SEO infections. Continuous monitoring

Excellent report-writing skills.

Ability to communicate technical impact and business risk to a non-technical/technical audience.

Outstanding customer relationship management skills,

Deep knowledge of databases and popular web applications.

Harcharan Jit Singh on ResearchGate

I have been working as Senior Systems Analyst IT at Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology, Patiala, Punjab. I have extensive experience in deploying, updating and managing ERP, Database Administration and Moodle sites.

Have 21 Years of experience in developing and managing web applications, ERP, databases system performance optimization, Network Security, IT Infrastructure and Planning of Institute, Institute’s Database, Administration and Management, Private Cloud Infrastructure of Institute, Managing Web Services. Managing Enterprise Level Network, Institute Level Network Security and Threat Management, ERP Deployment of Modules, Student Life Cycle, Academics, Finance and Accounting.

Expereince in TIET : 26 OCTOBER 2004 - Till Now

Total Expereince : 20 Year

Contact :- +91-9915955094


  • Pursuing Doctorate of Philosophy in Computer Engineering Department of Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology [Formerly known as Thapar University], Deemed-to-be-University, Patiala, Punjab, India with 9.30 CGPA on Scale of 10 since Aug 2013.
  • Master of Engineering in Computer Science and Engineering [2009-2012] Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology [Formerly known as Thapar University], Deemed-to-be-University, Patiala, Punjab, India with 9.30 CGPA on Scale of 10.
  • Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering  [1997-2001] Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar, Punjab, India with first division.

Professional Certification, Training And Workshop


  1. OCA: Oracle Database 10g Administration Certified Associate
  2. CCNSP: Cyberoam Certified Network & Security Professional


  1. OCP: Oracle Database 10g Administration Workshop II Ed 3
  2. MATLAB Fundamentals by MATHWORKS Training Services


  1. International Workshop on Cloud Computing and High-Performance Computing held on 05th to 08th, 2012.
  2. Workshop on Acoustic-Phonetic segmentation and transcription held on 17th to 21st, 2011.
  3. Research promotion workshop on Introduction to graph and Geometric Algorithms held on 28th to 30th October 2010.

Consultancy / Professional Advice

  1. IT infrastructure deployment, designing Web application specifications for Online ticketing platform in Pepsu Road Transport Corporation, Patiala, completed 2017.
  2. IT infrastructure deployment Consultancy in Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology Campus, 2016, Amount: 3.5 lacs Ongoing.
  3. A consultancy project regarding the strengthening of IT Infrastructure in the Head Office of State bank of Patiala was completed. Amount Rs. 0.97 Lac.

Research And Publications


Ph.D. RESEARCH TITLE: Scalable Metadata Storage and Retrieval Techniques for Very Large Distributed Storage Systems.

Course Work Completed with 9.3 CGPA on a scale of 10.

Publication in International Journal:

  • Harcharan Jit Singh, and Seema Bawa. ”Scalable metadata management
    techniques for ultra-large distributed storage systems–A systematic review.”
    ACM Computing Surveys (CSUR) 51, no. 4 (2018): 1-37, [SCI/SCIE In-
    dexed, Impact Factor - 14.324]

    2. Harcharan Jit Singh, and Seema Bawa. ”LaMeta: An efficient locality aware metadata management technique for an ultra-large distributed storage system.” Journal of King Saud University-Computer and Information Sciences, 34 (10), 8323-8335 (2022), [SCIE Indexed, Impact Factor - 9.0]


MASTER OF ENGINEERING DISSERTATION TITLE: Singh, Harcharan Jit, and V. P. Singh. "High scalability of HDFS using a distributed namespace." ME Dissertation, 2012.

Research Paper Published in International Journal :

  • Harcharan Jit Singh and V P Singh. Article: High Scalability of HDFS using Distributed Namespace. International Journal of Computer Applications 52(17):30-37, August 2012.

Sponsored Projects and Activities

A project of up-gradation of Computer Centre, Thapar Institute under UGC XI Plan, Amount Rs. 48 Lac.

  1. Support principal investigators (PI) of Institutes in their research projects
    • Translate research project requirements to technical specifications of software and hardware for budgeting and scheduling.
    • Support PI in deploying IT infrastructure of the research project.
    • Support researchers in their development and deployment of scientific mode on the server. Helps researchers in optimizing research techniques by exploiting computing tools and techniques, research data analysis and predictive analysis techniques.      

Other Activities:

  • Vice President of OWASP (Open Source Web Applications Security Project) Student Chapter at Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology. It aims to provide excellence in the field of network and security of web applications and encourage members to be more digitally secure.
  • Vice President of Linux User Group at Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology. The aim to spread wide use of LINUX and to connect science and technology to real-world problems by explaining how science relates to problems of societal concern; employ cogent reasoning methods in their assignment problems and issues, and understand the applications of science and technology in societal context.
  • Conducted a workshop on ORACLE 10g database 07 June to June 29, 2007.

Professional Memberships

  1. Professional Member of ACM: Association of Computing Machinery with Membership ID 6873390. 
  2. Oracle Certified Associate: Oracle 10g Database.

Other Email:harcharans@gmail.com

Communication Address:

Office Address: L-111, Centre of Information and Technology Management, Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology,  (Deemed-To-Be-University) Patiala-147004, Punjab, India.

Present Address: H. No. – 17, Type-III New, Thapar Technology Campus, Patiala- 147004, Punjab India.