2019 Jan-June

ELC activities during 2018-2019 (Even Semester)

Bicycle dissection & new concept design by Mechanical Engineering on 03-09/02/2019

Automobile transmission dissection by Mechanical Engineering on 16-17/02/2019

IC Engine dissection by Mechanical Engineering on 28/02/2019

Edible & essential oil extraction by Chemical Engineering on 26/03/2019

DC power supply by Instrumentation Engineering and Electronics & Communication Engineering on 26-28/03/2019

Concrete canoe by Civil Engineering on 29/03/2019

Robotic arm by Computer Science Engineering on 30-31/03/2019

Motor winding & assembly by Electrical Engineering on 03-04/04/2019

Unity game design by Computer Science Engineering on 06-07/04/2019

IoT: Internet Of Things by Instrumentation Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering and Mechatronics Engineering on 10/04/2019

FM & AM Radios by Electronics & Communication Engineering on 16/4/2019

Inverter circuit design by Electrical Engineering on 17-18/04/2019

Plate heat exchanger Design, Fabrication & Testing by Chemical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering on 27/05/2019.