Business Incubation

Mode of selection of business incubatees

Business oriented project proposals are given support in the form of student business incubation, virtual business incubation and real business. Graduating students can look for entrepreneurial opportunities at some point of their career so that they become job providers rather than job seekers. Student incubatees are selected for either 3 months or 6 months duration after evaluating the Business Oriented Research Proposal on any innovative idea and considering its cost and infrastructure requirements which are with in the budget and the targets are achievable.These are generally MBA, M.Sc and B.Tech students of any branch.

Virtual business incubation is selected based on the needs of the end user mainly farmers who are identified based on their interest and motivation to carry out field trials to evaluate the performance of products such as biofertilizers and biopesticides or any other food product for confidence building. Virtual incubatees are encouraged and nurtured for business.

Real business incubatees are selected from among the participants of EDP’s who are motivated and undergo a mentoring process so that entering strategy is finalized and support is provided for a limited period after an agreement. Imparting training in processing and product development becomes an integral part before undertaking production and market seeding.

Real Business Incubation

Virtual Business Incubation

Student Project Incubation

Business Plan Format

Product and Process Development