Key Responsibility Areas

CTD is responsible for the following:-

  1. Identifying the need for Aptitude & Personality training
  2. Conceptualizing, designing, organizing and implementing training programs based on the above needs
  3. Providing on-campus mentoring and career counselling sessions
  4. Inviting Industry experts to interact with students on contemporary employability and work environment challenges
  5. Liaising with CILP to understand current corporate requirements and accordingly customizing training programs
  6. Test administration and delivery of standardized tests like the GMAT (Pearson Testing) with technical support from Centre for Information & Technology Management.

Apart from having a strong student centric vision & focus as manifested in the activities above, CTD also facilitates the conduct of training programs for staff- both teaching and non-teaching. These programs encompass both technical and behavioural elements of development, ensuring enhanced productivity at work place.

Note:- CTD also oversees similar functions for the LMT School of Management at Dera Bassi, where it actively liaises with its 'Head- Admissions & Placement' to plan and execute various training programs.