Completed Sponsored Projects

Sr. No. Name of the Funding Agency Name of the project Deptt. Principal Investigator Date of start
1 Vol 1 No. 1 Summer 2011 Vol 1 No. 1 Summer 2011 Department of Biotechnology   14-Jul-17
2 AICTE Design and developent of staked patch microstrip antennas and wial applications. Electronics & Communication Engineering   05-Jul-17

On Going Sponsored Projects

List of the ongoing Sponsored Research Projects as on date:

Sr. No. Name of the Funding Agency Project Title Sanctioned Amount(In Lakhs) Grant Received Amount ( In Lakhs) Deptt. Principal Investigator Date of start Date of Completion
1 SERB-DST Drying of Polymer Polymer Solvent Coatings: Experimental and Simulation Study 41.21   Chemical Engineering Dr. Raj Kumar Arya 01-Jan-17 31-Dec-21
2 BRNS/DAE Measurement of Circulation time and Optimization of Mixing Process for Ethyl Acetate Reactor Using Radiotracer Technique 25.24   Chemical Engineering Dr. Raj Kumar Gupta 01-Jan-15 31-Dec-19
3 SERB-DST Study of Hydrodynamics and RTD of Effluent Treatment Process(Biological) Using Radiotracer Technique 24.51   Chemical Engineering Dr. Vikas Kumar Sangal 01-Jan-15 31-Dec-19
4 BRNS/DAE Investigation of Hydrodynamics and RTD of Pulp Digester Using Radiotracer Technique 21.38   Chemical Engineering Dr. Avinash Chandra 01-Jan-14 31-Dec-18
5 BRNS/DAE Development of Nano-Eco Toxic Polyolefins With Controlled Environmental Degradation by Using High Energy Radiation and Pro-Oxidants 19.89   Chemical Engineering Dr. Haripada Bhunia 01-Jan-14 31-Dec-18
6 ARMREB/DRDO Studies on STF Nanoclay Based Composites For Personal Armour Systems 29.71   Chemical Engineering Dr. Rajeev Mehta 15-Oct-17 17-Oct-17
7 AICTE Modernization of transportation engineering laboratory 15.00 15.00 CED Maneek Kumar Mar.12 Mar.13
8 AICTE Indentification of T cell eptope in H1NI virus as target for vaccine design. 11.00 11.00 DBTES Manoj Baranwal Mar..12 Mar.13
9 AICTE Development of Nanostructured Adsorbents for carbon dioxide capture. 20.00 20.00 CHED P.K.Bajpai June.11 May.13
10 AICTE Chemical Fixation of carbon dioxide to polycarbonates and cyclic carbonates. 14.10 14.10 CHED Rajeev Mehta Mar.12 march.14
11 AICTE Optimization and modeling of process parameters for improvement in material characteristics in abrasive blasting process using fuzzy logic methodology. 9.77 9.77 MED Vinod Kumar Jan.12 Jan.14
12 AICTE Optimization techniques for design of ultra high performance concrete mixes. 7.50 5.83 CIVIL Maneek Kr. march.13 Feb.16
13 AICTE Modernisation and upgradation of digital communication Lab. 11.00 8.80 ECED Rajesh Khanna march.13 Feb.14
14 CSIR Zirconia supported solic catalyst for simulatneous transesterrication and esterification of high free fatty acid containing triglycerides. 13.53 8.92 SCBC Amjad Ali Jun.11 May.14
15 CSIR Genetic Transformation of selected clones of populus deltoides FOR CELLULOSE ENHANCEMENT IN WOOD. 19.77 10.44 DBTES Anil Kumar June.12 June.15
16 CSIR Magnetic Fluid based collant to enhance thermal and dielectric properties of transformer oil. 20.25 11.37 SPMS B.K.Chudasama Aug.12 July.15
17 CSIR Preparation and characterization of polylectide(PLA)-polyethylene blends and its degradability studies. 16.92 8.05 CHED H.Bhunia Feb.12 Feb.15
18 CSIR Heterocyclic Subsituted quinazoline and pyrazolo[3,4-d] pyrimidine derivatives: Scaffold for aurora kinase inhibitors. 21.92 15.43 SCBC Kamaldeep Paul Jan.12 Jan.15
19 CSIR Calcifying bacteria mediated cementation for energy efficient building materials. 15.42 8.35 DBTES M.S.Reddy Aug.11 July.14
20 CSIR Cluster Decay and Fusion Fission Dynamics at low energies. 9.96 7.05 SPMS Manoj Kr. Sharma June.10 June.13
21 CSIR Utilization of Fungal treated waste foundry sand in concrete. 12.26 8.73 CED R.Siddique March.11 Feb.14
22 CSIR Kinetic and thermodynamics studies on the effect of chaotropiv and kosmotropic cosolvents on horse ferrocytochromec. 18.92 11.57 SCBC Rajesh Kumar May.11 May.14
23 CSIR Fungus mediated biodiesel generation from wasted edible oils. 17.02 5.84 SCBC Ranjana Prakash Feb.12 Feb.15
24 CSIR Isolation purification and characterization of new fibrinolytic molecules from endophytic fungi for their use as anti-thrombotic agents. 14.67 3.91 DBTES Sanjai Saxena Feb.12 Feb.15
25 CSIR Influence of isospin degree of freedom on disapperance of directed and elliptical flow in intermediate energy heavy-ion collisions. 11.82 5.14 SPMS Suneel Kumar Aug.12 July.15
26 CSIR OSDD Projec under the CDRI of CSIR 5.50 5.50 SCBC Kamaldeep Paul Sept.12 Aug.13
27 CSIR Study of surface charge and zeta potential of coinage metal nanoparticles for their optimum stability and catalytic activity. 15.42 5.17 SCBC Bonamali Pal Aug.13 July.16
28 CSIR Studies on anti-inflammatory responses as function of bioactive selection from selenium-rich cereal grains. 19.92 4.06 DBTES N.Tejo Prakash Dec.12 Nov.15
29 CSIR Developing validated scale-up procedure for densephase pneumatic transport of fine powders using two-layer dune-flow model. 19.47 7.90 MED S.S.Mallick May.13 April.16
30 DAE Theoretical study of heavy ion dynamics at superconducting cyclotron(k500scc)energies at VECC 14.58 13.76 SPMS Suneel Kumar June.12 May.15
31 DAE Design and Development of Diphenylether based supramolecules for electroanalytical probes. 22.89 11.72 SCBC Susheel Mittal Aug.12 July.15
32 DAE Study of size-dependent multiferroic properties of doped-BiFeo3 nanostructures 22.45 14.35 SPMS N.K.Verma Feb.13 Jan.16
33 DAE/ BRNS Strain improvement of Aspergillus sp.( RBD01) for enhanced transesterification of waste-cooking and non-edible oils using induced mutation by y irradiation. 21.22 14.90 SCBC Ranjana Prakash March.11 Feb.14
34 DBT Development and application of recombinant and other cellulases for large scale recycling of cellulosic biomass. 27.25 21.08 DBTES Dinesh Goyal May.11 14-Apr
35 DBT Immunomodulatory agents from endophytic fungi for breast cancer therapy. 16.02 12.30 DBTES Manoj Baranwal Dec.11 Nov.14
36 DBT Neuroprotective properties of selenoergothioneine sourced from selenium-rich mushrooms against oxidative stress and nitrosative damage in neuronal cells. 11.86 6.68 DBTES N.Tejo Prakash Nov.12 Oct.14
37 DOS Development of advanced fractional transform based algorithm for setelite image compression, encryption, digital watermaking and image matching applications. 11.34 8.49 ECED Kulbir Singh Jan.11 Dec.13
38 DRDO Metallurgical behaviour of high strength low alloy (HSLA) Steel During Submerged Arc Welding (SAW) with Different Flux Compositions Weld parameters with Pre and post thermal treatment. 14.65 11.95 MED Ajay Batish Dec.11 Dec.13
39 DRDO Study of alkaline earth metals substitution in bismuth based mixed ion conductors for solid oxide fuel cells applications. 14.42 8.00 SPMS Kulvir Singh April.12 Mar.15
40 DRDO Synthesis and Characterization of Transition Metal Doped CdSe Dilute Magnetic Nano Particles vide no.ERIP/ER/0903766/M /01/ 1191 14.53 16.16 SPMS N.K.Verma Mar.10 March.13
41 DRDO Synthesis and characterization of aluminum metal matrix functionally graded armour materials reinforced with zircon sand. 22.39 20.00 SPMS O.P.Pandey Jun-09 May.13
42 DRDO Effect of capping agent on the size and stability of core-shell ZnS Nanostructures. 13.92 9.22 SPMS O.P.Pandey April.11 March.14
43 DRDO Development of porous aluminum foam materials for blast mitigation. 17.24 5.61 SPMS O.P.Pandey Oct.12 Sept.14
44 DRDO Alkali metal supported transition metal oxides as catalyst for the transesterification of jatropha and karanja oils. 14.82 14.82 SCBC Amjad Ali Sept.12 Aug.14
45 DST Prepration of core-shell structure of silica (SiO2)- coated Cadmium Sulphide ( CdS ) nanocomposites by size-selective photoetching and study of photocatalytic organic syntheses reactions. 41.68 38.00 SCBC Bonamali Pal Oct.09 Sept.12 ( term of project extended)
46 DST To strengthen the research activities in wireless & communications and optical communications. FIST ( 15.33 will be expended by TU) 15.32 12.75 ECED HOD - Rajesh Khanna Oct.08 Oct.13
47 DST Structural and electro-optical investigations on lyotropic liquid crysalline materials and their uses as soft template. 33.06 27.00 SPMS K.K.Raina Nov.11 Oct.14
48 DST Novel scaffolds of Pglycoprotein modulators to overcome multidrug resistance in cancer cells. 19.98 16.25 SCBC Kamaldeep Paul Jan.11 Dec.14
49 DST Synthesis fo WC nano powder through thermo-chemical reduction and its application for the development of WC-Co composite vide no. SR/S2/CMP-0010/2009 26.93 26.93 CED O.P.Pandey March.10 March.13
50 DST Tungsten Carbide Powder from Wolframite Ore. 32.73 31.50 SPMS O.P.Pandey Aug.10 Aug.13
51 DST Study and development of above elbow prosthetic arm. 26.62 17.91 USIC Ravinder Agarwal Jan.11 Dec.14
52 DST The quest for the nuclear equation of state in intermediate energy heavy-ion collisions. 14.25 10.00 SPMS Suneel Kr. Nov.11 Oct.14
53 DST Heterocycles based FRET-dyads for chemionic and bioionics. 26.37 13.60 SCBC Vijay Laxmi Oct.11 Sept.14
54 DST Lateral and longitudinal hydrodynamic dispersion through rigid and flexible vegetation 14.34 11.45 CIVIL Dwarikanath Ratha Nov.12 Oct.15
51 DST Synthesis of transition metal incorporated mesoporous meterials and their catalytic application for some industrial reactions. 16.08 6.70 SCBC Shweta Sareen Aug.12 July.15
52 DST In silico and in vitro approach to identify immunogenic peptides of HINI virus as a target for vaccine design. 23.60 5.95 DBTES Manoj Baranwal Jan.13 Dec.16
53 DST ESIPT based Chromophores Application for sensing and white light emitting devices. 83.00 19.00 SCBC Vijay Laxmi Dec.12 Nov.17
54 DST Detection of corrosion by ultrasonic and acoustic emission techniques. 42.00 32.00 CIVIL Shruti Sharma Jan.13 Dec.16
55 DST Effect of laser photoetching of Au nanostructures of different shapes on the electrokinetic, optical and catalytic properties. 14.28 6.10 SCBC Rupinder Kaur Jan.13 Dec.16
56 DST Nanoengineering of Magnetic carries for drug delivery of anticancer therapeutics. 27.01 19.50 SPMS Bhupender K Chudasama Mar.12 Mar.15
57 DST Study of lanthanum doped mixed conductors for solid electrolytes 34.50 29.00 SPMS Kulvir Singh Feb.12 Feb.15
58 DST Nuclear reaction dynamics and related aspects at low energies(E<15Me V/A) 12.50 10.50 SPMS Manoj sharma Jan.12 Jan.14
59 DST Medelling Solids Friction and Transport Boundary for fluidised densa-phase pneumatic conveying systems. 21.95 18.06 MED S.S.Mallick Mar.12 Mar.15
60 DST Transalkylation of di-isopropylbenzene (DIPB) with benzene over modified nano zeolite catalyst: A kinetic study. 23.60 19.10 CHED Sanghamitra Barman July.13 June.16
61 DST Sequential biological photocatalytic degradation of neonicotenoids in soil. 21.10 7.10 SEE Teena Sharma May.13 April.16
62 DST The total synthesis fo the antimalarial natural products, flinderoles. 22.00 10.00 SCBC Satyendra K Pandey June.13 May.16
63 DST Utilization of cement klin dust in concrete after removal of alkalinity and metal toxicity with microbes 27.00 8.50 CIVIL R.Siddique June.12 May.15
64 DST FRP stay in place structural formwork for concrete floors under women scientist scheme. 24.60 10.90 CIVIL Reema Goyal July.12 June.15
65 DST-FIST DST- FIST Program 81.50 54.00 SPMS Head SPMS July.13 June.18
66 DST-FIST FIST Programe on 50:50 Basis (43 lac-DST & 43 lac TU.) 43.00 39.00 SCBC Head SCBC Oct.11 Sept.16
67 ICMR Association of Single Nucleotide polymorphimsms and Methylation starus in the Wnt and AhR signaling pathways with risk for occurance of Lung cancer in North Indian Population. 13.13 13.13 DBTES Siddhartha Sharma Sept.12 Sept.15
68 ICMR Particular matter dose relationship with long function efficiency of children during agriculture crop residue burning episodes. 21.37 11.00 SCBC Susheel Mittal Aug.12 Aug.15
69 ICSSR A Strategic framework for enhancing technology adoption and management strategies for women enterpreneurs in food and beverage sector. 7.00 2.80 SBSBS Santha Kumari Aug.13 Jan.15
70 ICSSR A Strategic framework for enhancing technology adoption and management strategies for women entrepreneurs in food and beverage sector. 5.00 2.00 SBSBS Ravi Kiran July.13 June.15
71 IEI Fluidized bed catalytic reactor for the degradation of PAH. 1.00 1.00 DBTES Anoop Verma Jan.13 Dec.13
72 IICHE Microwave assisted polymerization of lactide and poly(lactic acid) nanocomposites. 0.50 0.25 CHED Rajeev Mehta Jan.13 Dec.13
73 IITM Modelling Atmospheric Pollution and Networking (MAPAN) 20.32 4.84 SCBC Susheel Mittal March.13 March.17
74 Indo French Gene resources from polluted soils. 33.17 14.75 DBTES M.S.Reddy April.12 Mar.15
75 Indo japan Molecular aspects of selenium tolerance by aerobic bacteria and development of bioreactor for selenate/selenit bioremediation. India-Japan research 3.66 1.75 DBTES N.Tejo Prakash Jan.12 Jan.14
76 MOCIT Development of Indradhanush: an Intergrated WordNet for Bengali, Gujrati, Kashmiri, Konkani, Oriya, Punjabi and Urdu. 17.55 17.55 SMCA R.K.Sharma Sept.10 Jan.13 (term of the project extended)
77 MOCIT Development of online handwriting recoginition system for Indian Language ( OHWR). 60.23 21.12 SMCA R.K.Sharma May.10 April.13
78 MOCIT Development of prosodically guided phonetic engine for searching speech databases in Indian Languages. 30.02 18.40 SMCA R.K.Sharma Jan.12 Jan.14
79 MOM Prepration of Strontium Hexa Ferrite powder from celestitie ore and blue dust. 16.88 16.88 SPMS O.P.Pandey Jan.09 dec.12 (term extended upto march.13)
80 NRB Processing and characterization of fiber reinforced polymer nanocomposites and their degradation in marine environments. 21.54 17.34 CHED R.Mehta Dec.12 Nov.15
81 NRB Investigation of corrosion and its progression in ship hulls. 24.64 15.68 CIVIL Shruti Sharma May.13 April.16
82 PPCB Study regarding qualitative analysis of the sludge accumulated along the bed of Budha Nallah at various locations along with thickness of the sludge above the permeable surface. 4.50 1.26 CHED P.K.Bajpai June.13 May.15
83 Rockman Inds. Chain weight reduction.( Research and consulting assisgnment) 11.08 8.08 MED Ajay Batish May.11 May.12/ July.13
84 SMP Satluj Monitering Project 69.76 69.76 DBTES A.S.Reddy July.96 March.13
85 TCS TCS Research Scheme 13.12 8.92 CSED Maninder Singh Jan.11 Dec.14
86 TCS TCS Research Scheme 15.52 3.76 CSED Shalini Batra Nov.12 Oct.17
87 TCS TCS Research Scheme 15.52 3.76 CSED Neeraj Kumar Nov.12 Oct.17
88 UGC Experimental investigation of EDM machined surface of Ai-Sic and AI-Sic-B4C Metal matrix Composites. 10.82 9.97 MED Ajay Batish July.12 June.14
89 UGC UGC Special Assistance Programme 44.50 32.33 MED Ajay Batish ( HMED) Feb.10 Jan.15
90 UGC Study of heavy-light D and B meson using HQET 9.91 6.52 SPMS Alka Upadhyay July.12 June.15
91 UGC Design and development of stacked patch micrstrip antennas for wlan applications. 15.81 13.17 ECED Amanpreet Kaur July.12 June.15
92 UGC Algorithms fo solving some fuzzy network flow problems. 7.43 5.38 SMCA Amit Kumar Feb.11 Feb.14
93 UGC Selection of elite clones of bacopa mannieri ( L) wetts. And production of bacosiders using biotechnological approaches. 7.79 4.23 DBTES Anil Kumar Feb.11 Feb.14
94 UGC Experimental Investigation for surface improvement of die steels during electric discharge machining with tungsten and titnium powder mixed dielectric. 0.90 0.45 MED Anirban Bhattacharya. July.12 June.14
95 UGC Influence of bacteria oncompressive strengh and permeability of fly ash concrete. 7.58 5.25 DBTES Anita Rajor July.12 June.15
96 UGC Green cloud computing framework for efficient and robust management of resources. 12.93 9.06 CSED Anju Sharma July.12 June.15
97 UGC Size and shape dependent photocatalytic activity of silica-coated metal (M)-zinc sulfide (ZnS) nanocomposites for nitroaroatcs reduction. 14.11 9.97 SCBC Bonamali Pal July.12 June.15
98 UGC Evaluation of resistance properties of coal water slurry flowing through local piping fittings. 6.44 6.14 CIVIL Dwarikanath Ratha July.12 June.15
99 UGC Special Assistance Programme 36.50 27.15 CED HCED .Maneek Kr. Sept.09 Aug.14
100 UGC PG Diploma under innovative programme- Teaching & Research in interdisciplinary & Emerging Areas during XI plan. 44.00 32.13 DBTES Head DBTES/ M.S.Reddy July.12 June.17
101 UGC Energy Aware Resource Sheduling for Utility Computing. 11.63 8.29 CSED Inderveer Chana July.12 June.15
102 UGC Electrical and opto-electronic investigations of polymer-low molar mass liquid crystal composits for display applications. 11.78 7.89 SPMS K.K.Raina July.12 June.15
103 UGC Coupling of substituted quinarzoline/ Xanthine and purine/Pyrimidine/Benzimidazole: A novel scaffold for kinase inhabitors. 11.01 7.12 SCBC Kamaldeep Paul July.12 June.15
104 UGC Algorithms for solving some single and multicriteria decision making prbolems in fuzzy environment. 7.56 6.45 SMCA Mahesh Sharma Feb.11 Feb.14
105 UGC Synthesis and characterization of diphenyl/ analogues for their antibacterial activity 6.22 4.97 SCBC Manmohan Chhiber July.12 June.15
106 UGC Formation and decay of exotic nuclear systems using energy density formalism 12.67 9.10 SPMS Manoj K Sharma July.12 June.15
107 UGC Technological development of biopolymer overproducing variants of acinetobacter implicated in phosphate enrichment in water 7.60 6.00 DBTES Moushumi Ghosh July.12 June.15
108 UGC Synthesis of oxide layer coated ZnO and TiO2 nanoparticles and their application in dye sensitiuzed solar cells. 4.70 3.70 SPMS N.K.Verma Feb.11 Feb.14
109 UGC Corrosion resistance behaviour of glass-steel interface. 9.02 8.66 SPMS O.P.Pandey Feb.11 Feb.14
110 UGC Synthesis and characterization of multiferroci A Fe2O4-BiFeO3(ACo, Ni,Zn) nanocomposite films 7.27 4.85 SPMS Puneet Sharma Aug.11 Aug.14
111 UGC Performance analysis of dense wavelenght division multiplexed systems. 8.09 6.40 ECED R.S.Kaler July.11 14-Jul
112 UGC Ph-Dependent stability and microsecond folding kinetics of horse ferrocytochrome c. 11.42 7.58 SCBC Rajesh Kumar July.12 June.15
113 UGC A Strategic Framework for consumer prefernces towards emerging retail formats. 4.80 3.04 SOMSS Ravi Kiran July.12 June.14
114 UGC Determination of neel temperature for ferritin. 3.68 2.80 SPMS S.D.Tiwari Feb.11 Feb.14
115 UGC Study of erosin wear for the flow of ash-water slurry. 7.49 5.18 MED Satish Kumar July.11 14-Jul
116 UGC Ultrasonic guided wave approach for monitoring setting and hardening of concrete. 5.22 4.10 CIVIL Shruti Sharma July.12 June.15
117 UGC Service life prediction of RC structures 11.17 7.98 CED Shweta Goel July.11 14-Jul
118 UGC Isospin effects on flow and related phenomena in intermediate energy heavy ion collisions. 6.09 4.92 SPMS Suneel Kumar Feb.11 Feb.14
119 UGC UGC-BSR Resarch Start-up-Grant for newly recruited faculty at Assistant Professor level in science department. 6.00 5.40 CSED Neeraj Kumar Dec.12 Nov.14
120 UGC UGC-BSR Resarch Start-up-Grant for newly recruited faculty at Assistant Professor level in science department. 6.00 5.40 SPMS Soumendu Jana Dec.12 Nov.14
121 UGC UGC-BSR Resarch Start-up-Grant for newly recruited faculty at Assistant Professor level in science department. 6.00 5.40 DBTES Sudipata Sarkar Dec.12 Nov.14
122 UGC Synthesis and characterisation of vanadium carbide nanoparticles.UGC-DAE 2.19 2.20 SPMS O.P.Pandey July.12 June.13
123 UGC Frame for enabling data portability between heterogeneous cloud storae planforms. 8.59 6.60 CSED Rinkle Rani April.13 16-Mar
124 UGC UGC-BSR Resarch Start-up-Grant for newly recruited faculty at Assistant Professor level in science department. 6.00 5.40 MED Tarun K Bera march.13 Feb.14
125 UGC UGC Special Assistance Programme 61.00 45.80 ECED Rajesh Khanna march.13 Feb.18
126 UGC Photocatalytic degradation of textile dye effluent using doped tio2 catalyst 0.97 0.65 ChED Alok Garg April.13 March.15
127 UGC Application of nanozeolie for the removal of novel contaminants from waste water. 11.72 8.11 CHED Sanghamitra Barman April.13 March.16
128 UGC Studies on antimicrobial properties of metal and metal oxide nanostrucut.res 13.75 9.99 SPMS B.K.Chudasama April.13 March.16
129 UGC On L1-Convergence of trignomatric series with special coeffcients 9.73 6.00 SMCA Jatinderdeep Kaur April.13 March.16
130 UGC Synthesis of fBiFe03 thin films for device applications. 13.92 10.08 SPMS Poonam Uniyal April.13 March.16
131 UGC Special Assistance Programme- DRS-III 73.50 6.94 CIVIL Head CED April.13 March.18
    Total 2374.74 1558.55