Extra curricular

Games and Sports

1.ACM computing chapter

To provide a platform for serving as a professional network, encouraging students to take active interest in organization of high quality ACM workshops, Symposium, Seminar expert lectures, conferences in India and also provide logistical support.

President:Dr. Ajay Kumar,(Associate Professor,CSED)
Email id :-ajaykumar@thapar.edu

Vice President:Karun Verma,(Assistant Professor,CSED)
Email id :-karun.verma@thapar.edu 

Games and Sports

2.Adventure Club

Adventure Club @ Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology is the forum for adventure enthusiasts, trekkers, climbers and armchair mountaineers in the student community. It works to develop the spirit of adventure in Thaparians. The aim is to make the best of the absolutely beautiful terrain around Himachal region and beyond, in the short vacations one gets in an year, while having the greatest fun possible. While the stock activities are trekking ,rock climbing and mountain cycling, adventure club has also organized skiing and river rafting sporadically.

Email address:gagandeep@thapar.edu ,

President: 1.Dr. Gagandeep Kaur, Associate Professor, EIED,)

                   2.Karun Verma

Games and Sports

3.AICHE Student Chapter

AICHE is the world's leading organization for Chemical Engineering professionals, with more than 50,000 members from over 100 countries. The members of AICHE Student Chapter take part in a wide range of projects and activities proposed to enhance their college experience and help each other to achieve a more successful career.
Website: http://tietpatiala.wixsite.com/ aiche

Email address:rmehta@thapar.edu

President: 1.Dr. Rajeev Mehta, Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering,

Games and Sports

4.American Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE)

ASHRAE is an international technical society and well known in the area of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning. The main objective of this society is to organise technical events and make students aware about the RAC and its emerging areas. Its standards are followed widely in the area of RAC, Green Buildings Development, HVAC Industry and also in Net Zero energy Building concepts.

Email address:kundanlalrana@thapar.edu ,madhup.mittal@thapar.edu

President: 1.Dr. Kundan Lal, Assistant Professor, MED,

                   2.Dr. Madhup Kumar Mittal, Associate Professor, MED,

Games and Sports

5.Chemist’s Association for Research and Education Society (CARE)

CARE earlier known as SCORE was established in 2009 by faculty members and students affiliated with school of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Thapar University Patiala. The objectives of CARE: To promote the chemical research and education for the benefit of the society. To encourage the young students for joining the science stream as a career option. To provide a single platform to students and researchers for their scientific and methodical growth.

Email address:mily.bhattacharya@thapar.edu

President: 1.Dr. Mily Bhattacharya, Assistant Professor, SCBC,)

Games and Sports

6.Creative Computing Society

Creative Computing Society strives to encourage students to develop an analytical temperament in the field of technology and innovation. The society conducts workshops and coding competitions on a regular basis, thus acting as a platform for students to showcase and nurture their technical skill to discover their best lying potential. Over the years the society has had numerous pivotal collaborations with organizations like Google Developers Group, Women Techmaker, Mozilla Webmaker, PyData to name a few. Website:- http://ccstu.org/

Email address:inderveer@thapar.edu ,vkbhalla@thapar.edu

President: 1.Dr. Inderveer Chana, Professor and Associate Head, CSED,

                   2.Mr. Vinod Kumar Bhalla, Assistant Professor, CSED,

Games and Sports

7.Dance Club ‘NOX’

Thapar dance club ‘NOX’ is an excellent platform for the students to augment their dancing skills through workshops conducted by professionally trained choreographers. The students showcase their dancing talents at the various events in the college and also represent the institute in various competitions.

Email address:swati.sondhi@thapar.edu

President: 1.Dr. Swati Sondhi, Assistant Professor, EIED,