• The library services are open to registered members. The following categories of persons are eligible to enroll as membership of the Library.
    Category Eligible Groups
    Undergraduate Registered Undergraduate students of TIET
    Post graduate Registered Postgraduate students of TIET
    Research Scholars Registered Doctoral Research Scholars of TIET
    Faculty Regular Teaching staff of the TIET (including visiting faculty) of the rank of lecturer and above, Director and Deans
    Associates Teaching and Research staff at Thapar Polytechnic and SAI Labs of the rank of lecturer or its equivalent and above, Non-teaching staff of TIET the rank of assistant registrar and above.
    Junior Associates Teaching Assistants, Demonstrators, Laboratory superintendents, assistant scientists, assistant engineers and equivalent posts at SAI Labs and TP.
    Staff Administrative and Technical staff of TIET, Thapar Polytechnic and SAI Labs of class C and above, not covered under the Faculty, Associate and Junior Associate categories
    Paid Engineering, Science, Technology and Management professionals, including TIET alumni residing in and around Patiala, who have applied for the membership and paid the prescribed annual fee and security.
    Corporate Institutions and companies in the region.
    Honorary Professional and people of distinctions who have been invited by TIET to become members.
  • For enrollment as a member application form duly filled with appropriate identification, recommendation/introduction should be submitted at the Help Desk, along with the requisite fee, if applicable, and one additional photograph of 1.5”x1.5” size.
  • Membership of Paid members may be introduced and recommended by the employer/Officer in-charge/Section in-charge where he is employed. Introducer will stand personal surety of the applicant. The introducer will be responsible for making the member return books borrowed by the member, make good any losses incurred by the Institute on account of Library Membership of the Member introduced by him.
  • If the application is accepted by the Library, the applicant is enrolled as a member and a Membership card is issued to him. Membership is not transferable.
  • Membership Card issued to the members is property of the Institute and the Members are required to surrender the same to the Library at the time of leaving the Institute or conclusion of the programme at the Institute.
  • Member must carry his membership card on every visit to the Library, and produce it whenever demanded by the Library staff.
  • Member should keep his membership card safely. He is liable for any use/misuse of his card by others. In the event of loss or theft of the membership card, the member should immediately inform the help desk. His card will be disabled and a duplicate card shall be issued if he so requires on payment of requisite fee.
  • Unauthorized use of other member’s Membership card for using the library services is illegal and liable for disciplinary action.
  • Non members can visit the library only with special permission of the Librarian. A recommendation from a Head of Department of the Institute or parent organization may be required for obtaining such permission.