Discipline, security and privacy

  • All personal belongings should be kept outside the Library at the designated place.
  • Own reading material cannot be brought inside the library, except small notebooks for taking notes. Books from one collection should not be taken to another section without permission of the Library staff. For example books from textbook section should not be taken to reading hall or periodicals section.
  • Computer terminals provided in the Library for searching the Online Public Access catalogues, CDROM databases, or retrieving any other online information made available through Library systems. Use of these terminals for any unauthorized purpose, accessing TIET or external networks, changing or damaging the hardware/software settings, data or any other illegal activity will be liable for punitive action.
  • Silence and order must at all times be maintained in and around the Library. Smoking is not allowed inside the Library. Visitors are expected to maintain a decent and civilized behaviour and mannerism.
  • Library staffs have a right to ask any person whose presence in their opinion has violated the Rule 4.4 or whose presence in their opinion will be detrimental to decorum and environment conducive to reading, to leave the library premises. Repeated incidence of such behaviour will attract punitive action.
  • All visitors to the library, including members may be subjected to frisking and bag checks, if required. This is necessary to prevent theft of library material.
  • Theft and mutilation of the library material, damage or defacing of the library property, and indulging in unlawful activities, indecent or socially unacceptable behaviour will be construed as serious misconduct and people indulging in, encouraging or abating such activities and in possession of unauthorized library books are liable for punitive action by the Institute authorities as well as criminal proceedings.
  • The Library may be fitted with detection, vigilance and anti-theft equipment.