Aeiman Preet Singh
Sr. Associate



Sr. Associate


System Administration, LMS, Web Based Applications, Updates Institute Website, User Management, Technical Activities & Technical Support


Job Profile

Institute’s Database, Administration and Management, TIET e-Ticket Online Support, ERP Deployment of Modules,  Academics, Private Cloud Infrastructure of Institute, Managing Web Services, Updates Institute Website, User Management, Technical Activities  & Technical Support

  • TIET-LMS: Assist in developing the "TIET-Learning management system". I manage in enrolling students/faculty and their respective courses on TIET-LMS. Fetching data from ERP for LMS user creation and course enrolments. Send personalized bulk emails to students/faculty with LMS credentials, e-contents links and help instruction for smooth onboarding on LMS. Update student information like email, LMS-server, LMS credentials etc in ERP. Moodle TIET-LMS sites with 13K+ users, 1900+ courses, 2.04TB data and 36K+ activities
  • TIET e-Ticket Online Support: Assist in developing the “E-Ticket Online Support” for TIET-Institute Campus-wide. As Administrator, I manage to enroll departments/centers, and agents, help topics, build online forms, and canned responses, and manage the ticket queues. Also, I provide campus-wide support for the following topics.
    • LMS Technical Support
    • LMS Faculty-Subject Support
    • LMS Student-Subject Support
    • LMS END Exam 2021 Support
    • TURNITIN Article Deletion
    • Email Support
    • Creation of Email ID & Webkiosk
    • Webkoisk Reset Password
    • Matlab Software Support
    • SPSS Software Support
  • Email Domain: Google Gsuite Administrator, Security, Authentication, Spamming, Anonymous Emails, Configuration and Implementation for Domain Email System.
  • User Management & Updates Institute Website: Manage Email id and its groups/LMS/Webkiosk user account service of the Institute and Internet complaints. (Creating, removing, resetting and No Dues). Also update the TIET website with upcoming Events, Tender, Notices and Admission related information. 
  • Support Technical Activities: Technical activities such as online placement and admission entrance exam activities, National Workshops, Student Reaction Survey, Grading, QEEE online Lectures, Quiz, Assignments. Troubleshooting of Technical queries of Faculty/Students/Staff and helping CITM to deliver services to the users.
  • Digital Content: Design the email Templets for promotion of events for the Thapar Institute and Alumni. Develop the digital content for various departments for the Accreditation of ABET, NAAC and UGC.

Experience in TIET: 05 November 2016 - Till Now

Total Experience: 14 years 11 months 


  • Master of Science in Information and Technology (M.Sc.-IT) from Punjabi University, Patiala 
  • Post-Graduation Diploma in Computer Application from Punjabi University, Patiala

Professional Certification, Training & Workshop

  • SQL From-Scratch Using Oracle SQL Developer and TOAD successfully completed in Jan 2021 from UDEMY.
  • Operator Overloading Inheritance from IITM under the auspices of MHRD in Jan-Apr 2018.
  • Excel Skills for Business: Essential from MACQUARIE UNIVERSITY, SYDNEY, AUSTALIA with grade 93.43% completed on August 15th, 2020
  • Excel Skills for Business from MACQUARIE UNIVERSITY, SYDNEY, AUSTALIA with Grade Achieved: 87.17% completed on August 31st, 2020.

Books Published

S.No. Name of Book Name of Publisher Co-authors (if any)
1. E-Accounting with Tally ERP 9 KALYANI PUBLISHER  Dr. S.S. Bhatia
2. E-Accounting with SQL KALYANI PUBLISHER  Dr. S.S. Bhatia
3. Computer for Business     KALYANI PUBLISHER      Dr. S.S. Bhatia 
4. Office Automation KALYANI PUBLISHER Dr. S.S. Bhatia
5. MS-Office 2007/10/13 KALYANI PUBLISHER Dr. S.S. Bhatia
6.      Data Entry Operator      GCS Group Pvt. Ltd.  -NA-

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Office Address: L-117, First Floor, Centre of Information and Technology Management, Computer Science Block, Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology, P.O. Box 32, Postcode: 147004,City: Patiala,Country: India