Message From Head

Welcome to the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. I am delighted that you are showcasing your interest to know more about us, virtue being this web presence. This web-site holds information for all the stakeholders. We at Computer Science and Engineering department offer one of the best Computer Engineering undergraduate program aimed at the super-creative generation.

We have carefully crafted our undergraduate program to offer elective focus in six major areas of Computing: High Performance Computing, Machine Learning & Data Analytics, Computer Animation and Gaming, Cyber and Information Security, Software Engineering and last but not least Mathematics and Computing. Apart from these, design projects through-out the program highlight life-long outcome based, research led teaching pedagogy. With these choices, we hope to fulfil the requirement of industry as well quench the thirst of budding professionals.

Apart from this department runs postgraduate programs with ever-growing focus on research resulting in many top-level publications by the faculty. Good number of research projects from government and industry are awarded to CSE faculty members, which in-turn enhance their exposure, teaching quality and research acumen.

In near-future, you shall be able to see world-class, state-of-the art lab/research infrastructure unparalleled in this part of world being unfolded to CSE fraternity at Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology. As this infra with 25 undergraduate/postgraduate laboratories, 5 research centre and data centre starts its operations, a new era of computing shall dawn at our premises; leading to more incubations, creative ideations and computing professional coming out of the portals of CSE department.

I sincerely hope your investment of time on these pages of CSE department shall reap great benefits as per your interest.

In case you still strive to know more, I shall be more than happy to reply to your queries.

Maninder Singh, Ph.D.

Professor and Head