Year 2016-17 (Non-SCI)

List of research publications in Non-SCI journals

S. No. Title of the paper Name of the Journal with volume, page nos., year Name of the authors
1.        An Android Application for Mobile Customers using Speech Synthesis. International journal of Computer Applications,Volume: 145 number2, Page Nos:18-25, 2016 Keshav Rana, Rupinderdeep Kaur
2.        An Efficient Trust Management Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Network Emerging Research in Computing, Information, Communication and Applications, pp 281-287,2016 Monia , Sukhchandan Randhawa, Sushma Jain
3.        An implementation of this-sensitive points-to analysis technique for finding the program slice in concurrent programs International Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Discovery,Vol. 6, pp. 1-7,2016 Vinay Arora, Rajesh Bhatia, Maninder Singh
4.        Application of I.T. in Healthcare: A Systematic Review ACM, SigBio Record Newsletter,Article no. 2,2016 Rashmeet Toor and Inderveer Chana
5.        Bit Plane Coding based Steganography Technique for JPEG2000 Images and Videos International Journal of Science and Engineering, Vol. 10, No.1, pp. 21-29,2016 Geeta Kasana,Kulbir Singh and Satvinder Singh
6.        Congestion Control Using Fuzzy Based LSPs in Multiprotocol Label Switching Networks International Journal in Foundations of Computer Science & Technology (IJFCST),ISSN:1839-7662, Vol. 6 (2), pp. 1-21 Anju Bhandari and V. P. Singh
7.        Data Clustering Using Differential Search Algorithm Journal of Science and Technology,Vol. 24(2), pp. 295-306,2016 Vijay Kumar, Jitender Kumar Chhabra and Dinesh Kumar
8.        Design and Development of CLI for SleuthKit: A Cyber Forensics Framework "International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications",Volume 6 Issue 1,2016 Dilpreet Singh Bajwa, Gurpal Singh Chhabra
9.        Fuzzy Logic Based Intrusion Detection Scheme against DoS Attack in MANET International Journal of Research in IT, Management and Engineering, vol. 6, pp. 21-27,2016 Sakshi Gautam, Suveg Moudgil, Tarunpreet and Bhatia
10.    Image Steganography Scheme Using Parent Child Relationship in Wavelet Domain British Journal of Applied Science &Technology,Vol. 14, No.4, pp. 21-29,2016 Geeta Kasana, Satvinder Singh Bhatia and Kulbir Singh.
11.    Impact Analysis of Software Processes for SPI in Indian SMEs International Journal of Applied Engineering Research,ISSN 0973-4562 ,Volume 11, Number 5 (2016) pp. 3004-3011 Singh, A. & Aggarwal, H.
12.    Implementation of Word Level Speech Recognition System for Punjabi Language International journal of Computer Applications, Volume: 146 number 3, Page Nos:12-17,2016 Shama Mittal, Rupinderdeep Kaur
13.    Intensification of Resolution in the Realm of Digital Imaging International Journal of Computer Engineering In Research Trends, vol. 6,2016 Shivangi Jindal, and Harkiran Kaur
14.    PEER: Proximity-Based Energy-Efficient Routing Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks Journal of Internet Services and Information Security (JISIS),volume: 6, number: 1 (February 2016), pp. 47-56 Chien-Erh Weng, Vishal Sharma, Hsing-Chung Chen, and Chuan-Hsien Mao
15.    Performance Analysis of LEACH with Machine Learning Algorithms in Wireless Sensor Networks International Journal of Computer Applications,Vol. 147, No. 2 , pp. 7-12,2016 Sukhchandan Randhawa, Sushma Jain
16.    Performance Study of Evolutionary Algorithms for Structure Stability Analysis of Aln (n = 2-22) Quantum Matter, American Scientific Publishers, 5(3):1-8,2016 Y Pathak, K Sharma, K Singh and PS Rana
17.    Proliferation of Social Computing: Cultural Computing Paradigm International Journal of Computer Applications, 137 (9), 27-30,2016 Sharma, S., Bawa, S. and Lomash, H
18.    Proposal and Implementation of MPLS Fuzzy Traffic Monitor (IJACSA) International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications, Vol. 7, No. 1,2016 Anju Bhandari and V. P. Singh
19.    Towards measurement of structural complexity for ontologies "International Journal of Web Engineering and Technology",11, 153,2016 Niyati Baliyan and Sandeep Kumar
20.    Various Approaches of Community Detection in Complex Networks: A Glance Journal of Information Technology and Computer Science, Vol. 8,  PP.35-41,2016 Maninder Kaur,Abhay Mahajan
21.    Visualizing Class Diagram Using OrientDB Data-Store International Journal of Innovative Science, Engineering & Technology,Vol. 3 Issue 6, 341-345, 2016 Sawinder Kaur, Karamjit Kaur
22.    Volatile Memory Forensics: A Legal Perspective "International Journal Of Computer Application", 155(3),11-15, 2016 HarnoorKaur Mann, Gurpal Singh