Programme Educational Objectives

The ME (SE) program at the Institute is designed to prepare postgraduates for professional practice in Software 'product' and 'service' industry and also strengthens their capability to look for new avenues in research and academia. Program Educational Objectives address the following broad aspects.

  • What our postgraduates could do best?
  • How our postgraduates would approach problem solving, using what skills?
  • What values our postgraduates should have?
  • What tools, methods, procedures they should follow to augment basic learning of software engineering principles and practices?

Program Educational Objectives of the ME Software Engineering are

Program Educational Objectives I (PEO1)

To apply a systematic, quantifiable and qualitative approach to the design, development, operation and maintenance of software systems to the satisfaction of their beneficiaries.

Program Educational Objectives II (PEO2)

Adapt to changes in roles and responsibilities with an awareness of individual, professional, social, ethical responsibilities and collaborate professionally with various stakeholders.

Program Educational Objectives III (PEO3)

To keep the pace with the latest research in software engineering and its application to other engineering and managerial disciplines.