Batch 2011

Semester I

1 Abhishek Jain 801132001 An improved IPV6 trace back technique to uncover DoS attacks Dr. Maninder Singh
2 Atul Kumar Ramotra 801132003 Task aware priority based scheduling algorithm in cloud computing Ms. Anju Bala
3 Abhinandan Gupta 801132004 Fault tolerance in WSN using stiffed delaunay triangulation(SDT) Dr. Rinkle Aggarwal
4 Ashutosh Verma 801132008 "NLization of Nouns Pronouns , Prepositions and sentence structures with EUGENE" Dr. Parteek Bhatia
5 Ekta Bansal 801132009 Improving Performance of AODV using ANT agents Dr. Anil Kumar Verma
6 Gurkiran Kaur 801132010 Automation of Software Requirement Prioritization using B-Trees Dr Seema Bawa
7 Navadiya Hareshkumar 801132011 Rounting Table Optimization using t-spanner technique Dr. Deepak Garg
8 Inderjeet Kaur 801132012 ARP Spoofing Mr. Sumit Miglani
9 Maninder Singh 801132015 Text to speech synthesis for numerals into punjabi language Mr. Karun Verma
10 Mona Gupta 801132016 Performance Analysis of reliable AODV routing protocol in MANETs Dr. Neeraj Kumar
11 Nimisha Singla 801132017 Prioirity Scheduling With fault tolerance in cloud environment Dr. Seema Bawa
12 Navneet Kaur 801132018 Identification and selection of components using component coupling and interfce matrices Ms Ashima Singh
13 Neha Arora 801132019 Hybrid Bio metric authentication protocol design using proverif Mr Sumit Miglani
14 Priyanka Raichand 801132020 Query Execution and Effect of Compression on NOSQL column -oriented data store using Hadoop and H-Base Dr. Rinkle Rani
15 Priyansh Arora 801132023 A novel approach for Accurate Retrieval of video using semantic Annotation Mr. Vinod Kumar Bhalla
16 Rupinder kaur 801132024 A novel algorithm for transforming row-oriented databases into col-orientation Ms. Karamjeet Cheema
17 Rameet Kaur 801132025 An approach to Geographic based namespace load distribution using symphony Dr. Shalini Batra
18 Shagun 801132026 HMM - based Isolated and Connected Hard speaker Independent speech Recognition Using Different Acoustic Models Mr .Ravinder Kumar and Mr. Karun Verma
19 Sonawala Dipam S. 801132027 Address space layout Randomization (ASLR) in window and linux : Proof of Concept (P.C) implementation Dr. Maninder Singh
20 Tarunpreet Bhatia 801132028 Novel defence schemes against DoS attacks in MANETs Dr. Anil Kumar Verma
21 Vikram Singla 801132029 Finding nearest location by OPEN BOX query using Geohashing and Mapreduce Dr. Deepak Garg
22 Vaibhav Kumar Sarkania 801132030 Customization of Android & Performance analysis of Android in different Environments Mr. Vinod Kumar Bhalla
23 Gaurav Rathi 801132031 Implementation of Presumption using DFS_h in case study Dr. Shivani Goel
24 Ravi Agarwal 801132032 Nearest Facility Location from multiple customer using VORNOI diagram Dr. Deepak Garg
25 Vishal Kumar 801132034 Paradigm based Hindi Morphological Analyzer Ms Rupinderdeep Kaur
26 Rupali Arora 801132035 A novel approach for Transmission of data from MYSQL to NOSQL(MongoDB) Dr. Rinkle Aggarwal